Street art & graffiti

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Street art & graffiti by Mind Map: Street art & graffiti

1. Nature

1.1. Graffiti

1.2. Mural

1.3. stencil ( cardboard & spray paint)

1.4. a tag

1.5. a sticker

1.6. installation

1.7. video projection

2. Shapes & lines

2.1. geometric,diagonal, triangular, three dimensional; oval-shaped

3. colors

3.1. dull,garish,gaudy,colourful, pale, vivid, bright, delicate, subdued,

3.2. a gradation of colors, to fade into one another

3.3. blackish, reddish, greenish, purple, scarlet, emerald, indigo, mustard, silver,

3.4. golden-yellow, bluish-grey

4. technique

4.1. a spray can

5. adjectives

5.1. revolting, convincing, informative, striking, eye-catching, outstanding, captivating, thought-provoking, anonymous, tasteless, surrealistic, threatening, ironic, tragic

6. intention/ aim

6.1. praise, inspire, encourage, commemorate

6.2. exaggerate, criticize, mock, laugh at

6.3. emphasize, highlight, denounce, illustrate,

6.4. decorate, embellish, deface, vandalism, property damage

7. expressing a symbol

7.1. symbolise, embody, allude to, to stand for, to suggest, to personify, relate to,

8. location/ perspective

8.1. in the background/ foreground, in the distance

8.2. on the left/ right; in the middle; on another side, in the corner, in the upper/ lower part

8.3. at the top/ bottom

9. theme

9.1. capitalism, war, peace, individualism, greed, poverty, hypocrisy, politics; immigration , children, injustice, empowerment, commemoration

10. place

10.1. walls, bridges, downtown, garage, dumpster, subway, public property

11. people

11.1. an artist, a painter, a writer, street/ graffiti artist

11.2. Banksy,Lady Pink, Shepard Fairey

11.3. viewer, spectator, art connoisseur, expert

12. effect

12.1. inspiration, criticism, vandalism

12.2. art galleries shows and museum exhibitions; stealing

12.3. to sell at auction, money hunt, investment, donation