Project: Kazakhstan students abroad

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Project: Kazakhstan students abroad by Mind Map: Project: Kazakhstan students abroad

1. Analyse social networks of students

1.1. What they usually eat

1.2. What are their studying timetables

1.3. How they spend their free time

2. To do some interview and surveys to identify key points

2.1. Main problems of students abroad

2.2. Main pros of studiyng abroad

2.3. What is the difference in education between Kazakhstan and other countries

3. To do internet search to find articles and blogs

3.1. Gain some knowledge about process of adapting

3.2. Gain some knowledge about impressions and experience of students

4. Main goals

4.1. Identify differences

4.2. Identify difficulties

4.3. Identify advantages

4.4. identify some advices from students

5. Team Members

5.1. Galymbekov Dastan

5.2. Yeginay Nazerke

5.3. Temirbek Bagdaulet

5.4. Abdirashova Assem

6. What application will be used?

6.1. Google Forms

6.2. Microsoft Office

6.2.1. Word

6.2.2. Power Point

6.3. Survey Monkey

7. Schedule

7.1. First 2 weeks to do surveys and interviews and search an articles

7.2. 3 week: Analyze social networks

7.3. 4 week: Analyze gained information

7.4. 5 week: Start main report with introduction part and come up with steps

7.5. 6 week: Finish project work and do recheck all the steps

7.6. 7 week: Correct mistakes and prepare last version