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Medications by Mind Map: Medications

1. Infections

1.1. Name: Amoxcillin (Antibiotic)

1.2. Mechanism of Action

1.2.1. Prevents process of cell wall synthesis of bacteria.

1.3. Indication

1.3.1. Infections affecting the ear, nose and throat.

1.3.2. Pulmonary Infection

1.3.3. Helicobacter Pylori (Amoxicillin combined with other drugs)

1.4. Contraindications

1.4.1. Sensitivity to penincillin

1.4.2. Pregnancy (consult with doctor)

1.5. Side Effects

1.5.1. Stomach upset

1.5.2. Diarrhea

1.5.3. Urticaria (Skin Rash)

2. Rashes

2.1. Name: Telfast (Anti-histamine)

2.1.1. Fexofenadine

2.1.2. Non-drowsy

2.2. Mechanism of Action

2.2.1. Stops release of histamine from mast-cells

2.3. Indication

2.3.1. Treatment of allergies Sneezing Hives Swelling related to allergies

2.4. Contraindications

2.4.1. Allergic reaction to Fexofenadine

2.4.2. Pregnancy & Breast-feeding (consult GP)

2.5. Side Effects

2.5.1. Dryness of eyes and mouth

2.5.2. Headaches

3. Fevers

3.1. Name: Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)

3.2. Mechanism of Action

3.2.1. Although mechanism of action is not clear. It is believed that paracetamol inhibits neurotransmitters in the area of the brain controlling body temperature.

3.3. Indication

3.3.1. Reduction of pain (analgesic effects)

3.3.2. Reduction of Fever (anti pyrotic effects)

3.4. Contraindications

3.4.1. Hyper sensitivity to acetaminophen

3.4.2. Serious liver and renal medical conditions

3.5. Side Effects

3.5.1. Overdosing of Paracetamol could result in serious liver damage