Operation Innovation

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Operation Innovation by Mind Map: Operation Innovation

1. The Actionable plan to implement the plan

1.1. a barebones approch to technology use, the least amount of systems and connection to the internet. Think of ship building, the process is best done on dry land.

1.2. Strict diet of information

1.3. strict time management

1.4. strict pressure to achieve deadlines

1.5. a balanced approach to research, social descussion and focused work

2. The technology used

2.1. The mindmeister braining storming tool will be used for idea generation purposes with the focus been on the aligning of concepts, technology and actionable issues.

2.2. Zoho projectmanager will then be used to break the actionable topic into a list of todo activities which will all require 20 minutes of focused activity. The entire written output of the blog will take place using a shared amount of say 6 20 minute sessions.

2.3. The aim of the whole thing is to use collaborative technology in the most focused and barebones way as possible. I think the lest amount of time spent online the better

3. Conceptual Ideas

3.1. How societies operate in general

3.2. The possible information shift that is fundamentally reshaping society

3.3. Risk and uncertainty - black swan baby

3.4. how the human mind handles risk, greed

3.5. Some big shot philosophiers

4. Technological Ideas

4.1. Identify leading linking technologies

4.1.1. enabling interfaces iphones ect

4.2. How real and online communities can intertwine

4.3. how technology effects how people think

4.4. how technology effects the pursuit of happiness

5. Industry specific ideas

5.1. make make the money

5.2. The identification of key rock pools where technology and fundamental human tendancies will overlap and create opportunity

5.2.1. How to identify this rock pools

5.2.2. How to position ourselves to benefit from them

5.3. Areas of narrow focus which are simply interesting

5.4. Sustainability in construction, living, gardening

6. The Focused Actionable outputs

6.1. publish regular blog articles

6.2. Talk to people about the article subject