Genocide: a 'perfect storm' of social psychological variables

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Genocide: a 'perfect storm' of social psychological variables by Mind Map: Genocide: a 'perfect storm' of social psychological variables

1. Development of Ethnic Identities

1.1. Hutu

1.1.1. Considered 'subordinate' to both 'whites' and Tutsi's

1.2. Tutsi

1.2.1. Advanced by the Belgian colonialists economically and educationally

1.3. Scapegoating

1.3.1. Blame on 'outgroup'

1.3.2. Focus on negative attributes

1.3.3. Hostility and distortion

1.3.4. Discrediatation of 'outgroup'

1.3.5. Tutsi's must be punished as they threaten Hutu idenology

1.3.6. Propaganda Extermination of the Tutsi's would be the 'cure' for the Hutu's The Tutsi's seen as the cause of all Hutu problems

1.4. Creation of ID cards by Belgian colonialists to distinguish between Hutu's and Tutsi's

2. Stereotyping

2.1. Over-generalisations

2.2. Positive or negative

2.2.1. Negative more durable

2.3. Racism or ethnic labelling (Hutu and Tutsi)

2.4. Generally accepted it originated from international colonisation within Rwanda (by Belgian intervention in particular)

2.5. Fundamental Attribution Error

2.6. cause aggression

3. Deindividuation

3.1. Loss of identity within a group

3.2. Release from moral restraints

3.3. More willing to act on individual impulses

3.4. Release from individual responsibility and individual visibility to outside entities

3.5. Individuals willing to undertake tasks, even if against their own morals and values

3.6. Reduction to an 'inferior form of human evolution'

3.7. 'Collective mind' takes control

3.8. Increase in usually inhibited behaviours

3.9. Loss of accountability

3.10. Decrease in self evaluation

4. Sequence of Hostility

4.1. Predisposition (react to the propaganda)

4.1.1. Precipitation (e.g. actively collecting/providing weapons to fight) Automatic Reactions (e.g. actively using weapons which are collected/provided)

5. Social Facilitation

5.1. Presence of others=

5.1.1. Arousal= Dominant response increase= If behaviour is deemed to be correct= If behaviour is deemed incorrect=

5.2. Greater performance capacity when others are present

5.3. Arises from a change in social consequence