Parts of Speech.

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Parts of Speech. by Mind Map: Parts of Speech.

1. Articles

1.1. There are three little words that are very common in English, these are the, a and an. Articles are a part of speech that you use before a noun most of the time.

1.1.1. • I need a chair. • I want an apple. • I want the red apple.

2. grammar

2.1. Is the word order in a sentence to be correct and to have coherence. The importance of Grammar is to express correctly a sentence.

3. Difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammar

3.1. PG is the way of structure words to create sentences that make sense.

3.2. DG refers to the way of speaking, and the manner of words pronunciation.

4. Nouns and Pronouns

4.1. abstract noun is a noun to name features, ideas, or qualities.

4.1.1. She wants to see justice served.

4.2. singular noun is the noun to name one person, place, thing, or idea.

4.2.1. The girl had a doll in her hand.

4.3. plural noun is the noun to name more than one person, place, thing or idea.

4.3.1. There are 7 days in the week.

4.4. Uncountable Nouns: These nouns can name most of the abstract ideas, things like powders, liquids, gases, and qualities.

4.4.1. Could you give me some money.

4.5. possessive noun is the noun to show possession, ownership, or the general relationship between two nouns.

4.5.1. Victor's spoils

4.6. compound noun is a noun formed by more than one word to yield a new meaning.

4.6.1. Is this the bus stop for the number 12 bus?

4.7. common noun is a noun used to name things, people, places and ideas in a general way.

4.7.1. They talk about movies and celebrities.

4.8. Propper Nouns on the other hand, are those nouns used to name specific things, people, ideas, or places.

4.8.1. Cleopatra is the cutest kitten ever.

4.9. collective noun is a noun used to name a group. It has a singular form.

4.9.1. A brood of chickens.