Kayleigh O'Neal: An autobiography

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Kayleigh O'Neal: An autobiography by Mind Map: Kayleigh O'Neal: An autobiography

1. Intellectual Journey

1.1. I am currently very interested in anything that has to do with psychology and the sciences. This was developed through a program called Best Buddies where I worked with a lot of students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

1.2. I decided to start studying psychology because I wanted to understand the thought processes people have.

1.3. My aunt has her PHD in psychology which fostered an interest.

1.4. Selected the BIS program in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist. Was inspired to become an occupational therapist through her work with students that have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

1.5. Plans on using her concentrations in business, psychology, and biology to get her masters in occupational therapy and later open her own practice.

2. Current Worldwide Views

2.1. Advocates for people to have the rights that they should have when they're born and how those rights shouldn't be infringed on due to skin color, sexual preference, race, income bracket etc. This topic specifically has to do with BLM and the police brutality, among with many other specifically targeted issues on groups.

2.2. Grew up as a Catholic and although not extremely religious is grounded by some religious concepts

2.3. Believes we are not doing enough to save and protect our environment, we can always do more. This issue specifically focuses on why global warming is actually something we should be concerned about and how we shouldn't be valuing the economy over our Earth's health.

3. Deciding On Interdisciplinary Studies

3.1. Has concentrations in psychology, biology, and business

3.2. Chose to be apart of the Interdisciplinary Studies program due to it being the best option for pursuing occupational therapy

3.3. The business concentration will be used to open a practice

3.4. The psychology of everything can be applied to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities for example and how we can better support and understand them. It can also be used in environmental issues such as global warming.

4. What are my roots?

4.1. Born on February 13th, 2001 in Livingston, New Jersey

4.2. Grew up moving around a lot; lived in New Jersey, Tennessee, and California

4.3. Grew up in a middle class family in suburban neighborhoods

4.4. Oldest of three; comes from a family of college athletes, scientists, and businessmen/women

4.5. Key event in my life: Training at the Olympic Training Center for track and field and getting the honor of being able to use those facilities and be a part of a junior olympics team

4.6. Key event in life: Being the president of Best Buddies at my high school, a national organization that fosters inclusion for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

4.7. Key event in my life: Committing to Alabama State University to play division one soccer and now living in that moment and playing division one soccer.

5. Influential People and Ideas

5.1. Maureen O'Neal (mother): played division one basketball at University of Florida and was a quality student athlete...has a great outlook on life and always aspires to be better...is hardworking and a great mother

5.2. Believes in the ideology that what you put in is what you get out

5.3. Alex Morgan (USA Women's Soccer Player): exceptionally hard worker, has great mental toughness, is an intellectual in the game of soccer and life, and is overall a great role model

5.4. Manifestation and mindfulness are tools that actually work.