Daughter's birth

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Daughter's birth by Mind Map: Daughter's birth

1. July 21, 2008

1.1. 11:57am

1.2. only summer baby in our family

1.3. three days after she was due

2. Labor for 14 hours

2.1. Went into hospital Sunday night

2.1.1. Husband brought me french fries, my biggest pregnancy craving

2.1.2. watched a movie early on

2.1.3. Mom gave me a pedicure

2.2. no pitocin

2.2.1. shot of morphine to sleep at midnight

2.3. walked around

2.3.1. showered nothing helped the pain

3. It's a girl!

3.1. 10 fingers and toes

3.1.1. 9 on APGAR

3.2. Elliot Jane Cosme

3.3. Cute, no cone head

3.4. Strawberry blond, just like mom

4. laptop in birthing room

4.1. husband twittered as it happened

4.2. sent email announcement a few minutes after birth to family and friends

4.3. posted photos on facebook from hospital

5. Painful

5.1. But getting stitched up was worse than the actual birth

5.2. Everyone said I would forget the pain soon

6. Family all present

6.1. Mom

6.1.1. gave advice, support

6.2. Mom-in-law

6.2.1. ready to help in any way

6.3. Husband

6.3.1. held my hand

6.4. Sister-in-law

6.4.1. in charge of camera

6.5. Brother

6.5.1. stood behind me