Saudi-Qatar restoration in ties

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Saudi-Qatar restoration in ties by Mind Map: Saudi-Qatar restoration in ties

1. Why in news?

1.1. Saudi Arabia and 3 allies to restore ties with Qatar

1.1.1. 3 allies UAE Bahrain Egypt

2. blockade was imposed on Iran

2.1. In 2017

2.2. By

2.2.1. Saudi Arabia

2.3. Reason given by Saudi Arabia

2.3.1. Accused of ties with radical Islamist groups Qatar acknowledged helping Muslim brotherhood but not ISIS

2.3.2. Accused of supporting terrorism

2.4. Actual reason

2.4.1. Which countries cut links with Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Bahrain Egypt

2.4.2. To pressurize Qatar to reduce diplomatic and economic relations with Iran Shia country Saudi Arabia’s rival Shares largest gas field with QATAR

2.5. Gulf Cooperation Council

2.5.1. Members Bahrain Kuwait Didn’t cut links with Qatar Acted as a mediator Oman Didn’t cut links with Qatar Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE

2.5.2. Hq- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2.6. Steps under the blockade

2.6.1. Qatar’s only land border closed

2.6.2. Ships flying the Qatari flag banned from docking At many ports

2.6.3. Regions airspace Was closed to Qatari aircraft

3. Demands placed on Qatar to remove blockade

3.1. Shutting Al-Jazeera

3.1.1. Doha based news network

3.1.2. Showcases many taboo related topics

3.2. closing Turkish military base in Qatar

3.3. Downgrading ties with Tehran

3.4. response from QATAR

3.4.1. Didn’t agree to give its sovereignty

3.4.2. Called embargo a violation of international laws

3.4.3. Established new trade routes with Iran and Turkey To meet needs of its people

3.4.4. Straightened ties with Iran and turkey

3.4.5. Used its oil and gas wealth To propel its economy

4. US role in the conflict

4.1. Initially trump sided with Saudi Arabia

4.1.1. Called Qatar a founder of terror Qatar holds largest American military facility In middle east Ulied Airbase

4.2. Later stance shifted to neutral

4.3. Exerted pressure on all sides

4.3.1. To end the standoff

5. position of Qatar in the Middle East

5.1. One of the most influential player

5.1.1. Coz of presence of a large gas reserves

5.1.2. Used its wealth on a global stage

5.2. Shares a huge gas field with Iran

5.2.1. Hence wants to maintain good relations with it Problematic for Saudi Arabia who wants to control the geopolitics of the middle east

6. Why the blockade ending now

6.1. US pressure

6.2. Kuwait’s mediation efforts