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Vacation by Mind Map: Vacation
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 Can only spend $2000


Total trip costs $1500.  Could be really fun!  I haven't been there in 10 years.  


Trip would be a lot cheaper.  My wife would like to see the Boston Aquarium.  And If planned correctly I could even squeeze in some Red Sox games.  Trip would cost approx. $1000

Carribean Cruise

Depending on how late we book can get a deal for about $1,000 all inclusive could save a lot of money!!

Myrtle Beach

Another cheap alternative there is a few concerts playing in the Carolina's during our vacation we could see Coldplay, and Dave Matthews Band.  We would have to camp out.  I am not a camper.  And both artists are coming to our area so we could see them then.  Cost $ 1000


We have mutual friends in the San Diego area and could stay for free.  The downside is that we would have to spend most of our vacation with other people and not get too much alone time.  Also would have to rent a car for a week.  We never have been to California and would like to see other places besides San Diego which could get pricey.  Estimated cost $1500-$3000


I would really enjoy this but it may be a stretch.  I would like to visit various places in Europe.  Italy, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Amsterdam to name a few and traveling through Europe can get expensive. Hostels and back packs are a cheap alternative but not romantic.  Trip could cost up to $5000 


Our 1 year wedding anniversary and where we went on our honeymoon.  It would be nice but we were just there and I would like to see something new.  Cost about $2000

Puerto Rico

Have friends going to Puerto Rico same time we are planning a vacation.  Can split a condo for very cheap and parents have friends who own a local restaurant.  Cost $1500