Plone and the rest of the field

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Plone and the rest of the field by Mind Map: Plone and the rest of the field

1. Friendly URLs

1.1. Had that for a long time thanks to Zope

2. Repository Search

2.1. Default search certainly isn't bad

2.2. Not much in the way of facetted search out of the box

2.3. Tagging story could use quite a bit of work

3. Dependency Tracking

3.1. New link protection system was one of the examples!

3.2. It could be easier to know where a given piece of content is used around your site in the case of collage

4. System Management

4.1. Generic Setup Rocks

4.2. Policy Products are a great idea/innovation

4.3. I've conflated this with Configuration Management

5. Management Metrics

5.1. Plone could use some work here

5.2. There are collections for creating "queues" based on workflow state and expired content

5.3. This feature could bring lots of interesting capabilities

6. Other interesting notes

6.1. The ECM->WCMS convergence dream appears to have died

6.2. Lots of vendors are pulling the "social" out of their WCMS

6.3. Open Source is likely not going to be a separate category anymore -- FOSS is like any other vendor

7. Word Conversion

7.1. There's Enfold Desktop

7.2. In general, it just sucks everywhere; people don't use word well, and word makes a mess of markup

8. True Multi-Site management

8.1. Big strides here with 3.3 and Lineage

9. Non-browser clients

9.1. Again, there's Enfold Desktop

9.2. Otherwise, not so much

10. Usability

10.1. This has always been one of Plone's strong points

10.1.1. We have great consistency and a content model that people easily grasp

10.2. Should get stronger in Plone 4

10.3. Advanced configuration often means diving into the ZMI, which scares nontechnical users badly and feels very 1997

11. Integrated Traffic Analysis

11.1. We let people add Google Analytics code to pages, and it stops there

12. Configuration Management for Business People

12.1. Again, we have Generic Setup, which is a good start

12.2. Exports XML, which we expect business people can learn to edit