Strategic Project 5

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Strategic Project 5 by Mind Map: Strategic Project 5

1. Resurrection Worship Venue

1.1. Worship

1.1.1. Physical campus attenders who are unable to be physically present

1.1.2. Physical campus attenders who are out of town

1.1.3. Physical campus attenders who are sick

1.2. Leadership

1.2.1. Internet campus pastor to connect with appropriate physical campus pastor, as needed

1.3. Discipleship

1.3.1. Discipleship provided by physical campus

2. Internet Campus

2.1. Worship

2.1.1. Physically unable to be present at a Resurrection physical campus

2.1.2. Physically distant from a Resurrection physical campus

2.2. Leadership

2.2.1. Internet Campus pastor is lead

2.2.2. Potential for indigent leadership within internet campus attenders

2.3. Discipleship

3. Small Groups / House Churches

3.1. Worship

3.1.1. Evening Worship Service

3.1.2. Merge with a local United Methodist Church

3.1.3. Network of house churches becomes appointment within an annual conference Discipleship and care lead by an appointed pastor

3.1.4. Small Groups in KC area Potential new campus start Eventual connection with a physical campus

3.1.5. Option for churches closing

3.2. Leadership

3.2.1. Resurrection Equipped small group leaders Within Kansas City Outside of Kansas City

3.2.2. Indigent leaders

3.3. Discipleship

3.3.1. Small groups meeting outside worship time

3.3.2. Video based small group meeting via

3.3.3. Video based curriculum available on demand

3.3.4. Value added to the sermon or worship content Follow up questions Video response Turn over to local leaders