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Articulate Storyline by Mind Map: Articulate Storyline
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Articulate Storyline

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=lorem()ENTER: Insert placeholder text C: Add cuepoint at current time CTRL+A: select all CRTL+C: copy CTRL+D: duplicate CTRL+F: find and replace CTRL+I: italics CTRL+J: insert picture CTRL+K: add trigger CTRL+M: insert new slide CTRL+N: new project CTRL+S: save project CTRL+T: insert text box CTRL+U: underline text CTRL+V: paste CTRL+Y: redo CTRL+Z: undo CTRL+arrow: Move in one-pixel increments (one gird = 8 pixels) CTRL+SHIFT+drag: copy a button CTRL+ENTER: Format shape CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER: Size & position SPACEBAR: pause/play timeline F1: Help menu F3: Normal view F4: Slide master F5: Layer master F7: Spell check F10: Publish F12: Preview project SHIFT+F12: Preview current scene CTRL+F12: Preview current slide SHIFT+F9: show/hide gridlines


Controls: objects that user interacts with Hotspot: region that has qualities of an object Layers: like in Photoshop, one can stack layers on top of each other on a slide and control when they"re visible; the first layer is called the base layer Lightbox: popup display of a slide over a dimmed main slide; it"s opened with a trigger on the main slide Markers: Contain popup information; click on them and information appears Objects: variety of shapes, images, text boxes, buttons, audio, video, etc. Player: plays your presentation Scene: collection of slides Slide: the panes you work on; similar to PPT slide; the active slide is also called the stage States: visual characteristics that can be assigned to objects; for example, happy and sad face of character Timeline: sequence when objects appear Trigger: logic command assigned to an object Variables: defined states that can be accessed by all slides; there are 3 types: number, text, and true/false


Important Notes: Hover state does not work on mobile devices YouTube videos don"t work in HTML5 browsers; insert as web objects

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