Consequences of Imperialism

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Consequences of Imperialism by Mind Map: Consequences of Imperialism

1. Political

1.1. Strategic and economic value of the colonies

1.1.1. Political rivalry between the colonising powers Sometimes leading to war.

1.1.2. One of the causes of the Fist World War

2. Economic

2.1. Single crop and extraction economy

2.1.1. Single crop plantations Tea, coffee, cocoa... colonialist displaced the indigenous from their lands used indigenous people as labourers

2.1.2. Rights to extract mineral resources Indigenous people without their traditional resources

2.2. Indigenous artisan crafts disappeared

2.2.1. not compete with manufactured products

2.2.2. colonising country dominated the colonial market

2.3. Infrastructures

2.3.1. focused on importing and exporting products

2.4. Unequally world economy

2.4.1. Colonising countries exploitation of valuable resources (raw materials and sources of energy) Organization of trade

2.4.2. Economic dependence of the colonies on their colonising country.

2.4.3. Developed and developing countries today

3. Demographic

3.1. Emigration

3.1.1. To European inhabitants to the colonies

3.2. Improvements in hygiene and health (vaccinations)

3.2.1. Decrease in mortality rates

3.2.2. Birth rate remained constant

3.2.3. Rapid population growth Resources were insufficient to maintain the population famine poverty

4. Social & cultural

4.1. Western culture

4.1.1. Imposed

4.1.2. Indigenous culture Second-class status

4.2. Social and racial segregation

4.2.1. The colonialists considered themselves superior to the indigenous people

4.3. Acculturation