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Guy Montag by Mind Map: Guy Montag
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Guy Montag

Physical Characteristics

What does he wear?

What does he look like?

How old is he?

How does he behave? What does he believe?

He believes that burning books is fun/good.

He seems to be very happy being a fire man he seems like a very friendly man the way he just walked up and said hi to Clarissa and started talking to her and he didn't even know her .

We know that Guy Montag has been a practicing fireman for about ten years. Like when he's talking to Clarisse, they were talking about how he's been working at being a fireman for about ten years. It seems like he isn't as observant as Clarisse. When they were talking about the billboards and stuff, it seemed like he didn't know that and wasn't as aware of the things around him. And he likes to burn the books, but he isn't allowed to read them himself.

Is he hiding something?

What is this character's central conflict?