Kenya Somalia Dispute

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Kenya Somalia Dispute by Mind Map: Kenya Somalia Dispute

1. Why in news

1.1. ICJ will begin hearing on a maritime boundary dispute case

1.1.1. Between the East African countries Somalia Kenya

1.1.2. ICJ Headquarters Hague,Netherlands UN’s highest court Ruling Binding No enforcement powers Countries ignore its verdicts

2. What’s the issue

2.1. Disagreement over which direction their border extends in to the Indian Ocean

2.1.1. Somalia’s stand Maritime boundary should run in the same direction as the country’s land border That is southeasterly path

2.1.2. Kenya’s stand Claims border should take a roughly 45 degree turn at the shoreline and run in a latitudal line Gives more access to the larger share of maritime area

2.2. Area

2.2.1. Rich in fishing

2.2.2. Rich in oil and gas

3. Process until now

3.1. 2014

3.1.1. Out of court negotiations between Kenya and Somalia broke Somalia asked ICJ to intervene Kenya claimed ICJ had no powers to intervene coz of 2009 agreement

3.2. 2017

3.2.1. Court rejected Kenya’s claim and claimed it had powers to hear the dispute

3.3. 2019

3.3.1. Proceedings delayed multiple times by ICJ Request by Kenya It wanted to recruit a new legal team

3.4. 2020

3.4.1. Kenya delayed the proceedings again Citing pandemic reasons

3.4.2. One more delay last year Kenya requested Claiming map with crucial information that was presented as evidence has disappeared Denied by ICJ

4. Kenya-Somalia relations

4.1. 2019

4.1.1. Somalia criticised Kenya for deporting its 2 legislators and a minister From Nairobi

4.2. March 2020

4.2.1. Somalia banned the import of Khat Khat is a mild stimulant plant from Kenya Reason given- to contain the spread of covid

4.3. 2020

4.3.1. Somalia cut diplomatic ties with Kenya Accusing it of meddling in its internal affairs Kenya hosted the leader of Somaliland ordered all diplomats to return home Ordered Kenyan diplomats to leave