LGBTIQ Freedom zone

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LGBTIQ Freedom zone by Mind Map: LGBTIQ Freedom zone


1.1. lesbian

1.2. Gay

1.3. Bisexual

1.4. Trans

1.5. Non binary

1.6. Intersex

1.7. Queer

2. Why in news

2.1. EU parliament declared entire 27 countries in the EU as

2.1.1. LGBTIQ freedom zone

2.1.2. WHy To enable the community enjoy freedom to live and publicly show their sexual orientation,gender identity Without fear from government authorities across EU Protection of freedom and equality for all Response against growing conservative attitude towards the community in some countries Ex- Affect

3. State of LGBTIQ rights in EU

3.1. Same sex unions recognised in most countries

3.2. Same sex marriage

3.2.1. Legal in 16 countries

3.3. Poland

3.3.1. Doesn’t recognise LGBTIQ rights

3.3.2. Bars same sex couples from adopting children

3.3.3. Background checks before adoption But LGBTIQ can’t adopt

3.3.4. new law Those found to be applying for adoption as a single parent While being in same sex relationship Will be criminally liable