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The Story by Mind Map: The Story

1. Pavel's death

2. Pavel's funeral

3. The hunt for the Renascentia Stone

3.1. Turns out Nikolai had it the whole time

3.1.1. Pavel gave Nikolai the stone in a nondescript package at the time of his death

4. Leaving Russia

5. The start of the war

5.1. Nikolai's amputation

5.2. Evgenia and Alyona compare notes on the Aphidrites and the Alkhern before Nikolai loses his hand and Evgenia uses her power as a councilwoman to retaliate.

6. The characters meet

6.1. Several times, and end up on the same train to Moscow

7. Return to Russia

7.1. Revelation of Ambrus*

8. Introduction of the immortals

9. Before the start of the story

9.1. Ipati and Ambrus

9.2. Ipati's father's death

9.3. Marriage of Ipati and Evgenia

9.4. Pavel born

9.5. Aleksei's exile

9.6. Ipati's bequeathing of the Gold Staff

9.6.1. Kostya's Staff usurpation

9.7. Mercier family death

9.7.1. Kostya and Piri's journey starts

9.8. Nikolai leaves home

10. Introduction of Ix / Piri Kidnapped (twice)

11. Piri Kidnapped by Egyptians / Transported by Evgenia