Kara Sweeney Masters in Education (Instructional Leadership)

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Kara Sweeney Masters in Education (Instructional Leadership) by Mind Map: Kara Sweeney Masters in Education (Instructional Leadership)

1. Educ 631: Psychological Foundations

1.1. concept mapping

1.2. memory

1.3. motivations

1.4. cognitive psychology

1.5. Final Assignment

1.5.1. conceptual understanding

1.5.2. teaching concepts

1.5.3. scaffolding

1.5.4. motivation plan

1.5.5. levels of understanding

1.6. teaching through podcasts

1.7. discussion based learning

2. Educ 652: Multicultural Education & Diversity

2.1. Relationship building and rapport

2.2. social justice

2.2.1. SJE frameworks in content

2.2.2. actionable and tangible products from lessons

2.2.3. Topical SJ issues and oppressed groups

2.3. discrimination

2.3.1. representation

2.3.2. Unlearning stereotypes

2.3.3. Westernization in the classroom

2.4. prejudice

2.5. racism

2.6. xenophobia

2.7. understanding backgrounds of students

2.7.1. cultural responsible teaching

2.7.2. inclusivity

2.7.3. open floor for discussion

2.7.4. asking genuine questions about students' cultures

2.7.5. application of all cultures in class

2.8. Final Assignment

2.8.1. Parent interview regarding culture Interview with father DIsabilities in my family Institutions in the 60s Special education and disability rights My brother's experience with services and special education My Uncle's experience with services and special education

2.9. Self identity

2.9.1. recognizing privilege

2.9.2. advocacy for inequities

2.9.3. Leadership opportunities

2.9.4. Growth mindset

2.9.5. Committment to ethics and morals

3. Educ 643: Hawaiian Culture and Language

3.1. synchronous weekly zoom classes

3.1.1. discussions with peers and kumu

3.1.2. Hawaiian proverbs

3.2. Weekly language worksheets

3.2.1. Challenge of learning a different language

3.3. "Story based" assignments

3.3.1. relating core hawaiian ideals into the classroom mana aloha microaggressions respecting hawaiian values aina approaching our underpriveleged keiki with grace and respect

3.4. Final Assignment

3.4.1. Aina based learning lesson plan integrating the land into the classroom and the value of the aina Avoiding traditional westernized norms in the classroom and utilizing the land

4. Educ 660: Exceptional Children

4.1. special education

4.1.1. accommodations

4.1.2. IEPs Least Restrictive Environment Considerations Present levels of learning Prior Written Notice/Procedural Safeguards Qualification Eligibility Student Focus Team Testing Math and Language Arts Needs/Strengths supports minutes

4.1.3. differentiation

4.1.4. Universal Design for Learning

4.1.5. Laws Free and Appropriate Public Education Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Mills V. Board of Ed Education for all handicapped children act Handicapped children's protection act civil rights movement ADA protests sit ins equal rights and accommodations for the disabled

4.1.6. modifications

4.2. Final Assignment

4.2.1. Accommodating students with ADHD and understanding it

5. Educ 635: Short & Long Range Planning

5.1. Standards (NGSS)

5.1.1. backwards planning

5.2. essential questions

5.3. learning objectives

5.4. unit plans

5.5. lesson plans

5.5.1. structured patterns (bell work, exit tikets)

5.5.2. group work/collaboration

5.5.3. time for reflection

5.6. task assessments

5.7. Final Assignment

5.7.1. Full Lesson Plan How does dna impact your body positively and negatively? Stations on DNA and discovering the functions

5.8. classroom management

5.8.1. policies and procedures

5.8.2. Social and emotional learning integration

6. Educ 790: Peace, Justice, and Education Reform

6.1. equity

6.2. discrimination

6.3. systemic racism

6.3.1. history of racism in the united states classrooms

6.3.2. segregated educations

6.4. teacher support

6.4.1. unions

6.4.2. professional development

6.4.3. higher salaries

6.4.4. opportunities for certification

6.5. funding for schools

6.6. facilitator vs. instructor

6.6.1. innovative projects

6.6.2. project based learning

6.6.3. socratic seminars

6.6.4. discovery based learning

6.7. Final Assignment

6.7.1. Letter to faculty with evidence of needs for supports school vision

7. Educ 701: Educational Research & Design

7.1. CITI Research Certification

7.2. Final Assignment (worked on this each week)

7.2.1. Research Study on special education diagnosis by race discrimination racism ableism sexism

7.3. Peer feedback

7.4. Instructor feedback

7.5. APA

7.6. Citations

8. Educ 630: History & Profession of Edcuation

8.1. Special Education

8.1.1. civil rights and ADA

8.2. Sexism

8.2.1. colonialism and gener norms

8.3. Racism

8.3.1. segregation

8.3.2. slavery

8.3.3. civil rights movement

8.4. Religion

8.4.1. pluralism

8.5. Ideaologies

8.6. Final Assignment

8.6.1. Controversial issues Religion in schools and the separation of church and state

9. Asking

10. Lesson