Chapters 6 & 7

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Chapters 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Chapters 6 & 7

1. Chapter 6: Sexuality

1.1. Sexuality in Felicidade Eterna is structured by disturbing elements.

1.1.1. These elements are impossible to battle because of the multiple forms of discrimination present.

1.2. Multiple levels of importance of sexuality

1.2.1. Metaphors in everyday language and action

1.2.2. "Bodily liberations" Clothing Objectification of women through clothes Dance

1.2.3. Flirtation

1.3. Homoeroticism

1.3.1. Integral part of exploration of sexuality in Brazil

1.3.2. Also a very negative part of exploration of sexuality in Brazil Because many scholars focused on this aspect and nothing else

1.4. Eating

1.4.1. Connection to sexuality to "eating" Eating, always is a male action. Women are thought to be more passive and not in control. This applies to hetero and homosexual relationships. In homosexual relationships, one many takes a "female" role. This can be subverted, but only in a negative way

1.4.2. Connection to economy Men are required to "provide" A man who eats more than he provides is seen as no good

1.5. Animals

1.5.1. Men are seen as animal like Sex is a need

1.6. Masculinization

1.6.1. Sex is seen as a requirement for men Men are encouraged to have multiple partners to improve

1.7. Familial Relationships

1.7.1. Intrinsic fear of step fathers by mothers and daughters Women are taught to keep themselves safe among men New node

1.7.2. Fathers are "trusted" by most women, as long as their is a blood relationship

2. Chapter 7: Rape

2.1. Very serious offense

2.1.1. There is retaliation from gangs and family members

2.2. Both men and women are taught to protect a woman's body

2.2.1. A woman without the protection of a man is seen as completely vulnerable

2.2.2. A man who cannot protect women is weak Weaker than a man who does financially provide

2.3. Legal System

2.3.1. Women of lower classes have very little chance of winning a court case There are seen as "less honest" women as compared to women of a higher social class

2.4. Humor

2.4.1. Much like other difficult parts of life, humor is used as a way to cope