Laughter Out of Place Part III

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Laughter Out of Place Part III by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place Part III

1. Importance of Sexuality

1.1. Key to the nature of Brazilain reality

1.2. Women like to be hollared at on the street, it is viewed as a compliment. To have silence by men when a women walks by is a horrible insult.

1.3. O Amor Natural

1.3.1. Women openly discuss sexual moments

1.3.2. Father encouraged by daughter to brag about sexual escapades

1.4. Brazilian feminism is a difficult concept when so much importance is placed on sexuality.

2. "Eating"

2.1. To consume another person sexually

2.2. Men "eat" women, not the other way around

2.3. A man who consumes another man keeps his male identity but the male being consumed loses his male identity.

2.4. Women who consume are viewed as dangerous

3. From Boys to Men

3.1. Boys are expected to become sexually active at a much earlier age then girls.

3.2. Boys are expected to become "active seducers"

3.3. Gloria is concerned her son Lucas was almost 18 and had never had a sexual experience.

3.4. Gloria asks Roberto to take Lucas to a prostitute so he can "have a little screw"

4. Stepfathers

4.1. Outsiders, viewed as dangerous

4.2. Daughters in the house must be careful of sexual advances

4.3. Biological fathers not viewed as dangerous by daughters because "the one who raises you doesn't eat you."

5. What's So Funny About Rape?

5.1. Gloria's daughters were rapped by burglers and Anita's concern was her mother finding out she was not a virgin.

5.1.1. Soneca found it very humorous that Anita made sure to scream louder than Claudia (still a virgin) so that Gloria would not find out.

5.2. Violence and rape have to be viewed with an "absurd humor" because of the distrust of the legal system.

5.2.1. In 1991 a man was pardoned for murdering his wife because he did it in the "defense of honor."

5.3. Punishment for rape left to gangs.

5.4. Humor is used to "mask and reveal" truths.