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Geography by Mind Map: Geography

1. Pangea: Scientists believe that 200 million years ago the continents were connected in one single landmass

2. Where we can get freshwater? Fresh water is found in glaciers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams, wetlands and even groundwater

3. Diference between lava and magma: Magma-inside the volcano Lava-outside of the volcano

3.1. Parts of the volcano: 1.Cone 4.Ash 2.Crater 5.Pipe 3.Magma 6.Lava

3.2. Earthquake

3.2.1. Epicentre :point where the earthquake causes themost damage

3.2.2. Seismic waves: These spread out from the earthquake in circle

3.2.3. Hypocentre: Origin of the earthquake

4. Tides : the tides rise and fall by the moon

5. The location of landforms

5.1. Oceanic ridge: A large underwater mountain range

5.2. Cape: Part of the land the projects out into the sea

5.3. Peninsula: A large piece of land surrounded by water on three sides. A peninsula is connected to land by a thin stretch of land called An isthmus

5.4. Valley: A valley is a long basin in the land. A river valley is V-shaped due to the action of a river running through it

5.5. Mountain: A large landform that is higher than the surrounding land. A mountain range is a continuous chain of mountains

5.6. Inlet: A chin channel of water that goes inland from the sea

6. The ocean: The Mediterranean sea Indian ocean The Atlantic Ocean The artic ocean The Pacific ocean