Work The System

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Work The System by Mind Map: Work The System

1. Who?

1.1. “ There are things I must do right now , and there is barely the time or money or energy to do them . I will bulldoze my way through these tasks "

1.2. My existence was like the Whack - A - Mole game in which little grinning - faced moles keep popping their heads up in any one of a dozen holes .

1.3. All I did was kill fires , unaware that they were the products of invisible , dysfunctional subsystems .

2. Why?

2.1. Turnarounds = Discovery and application of the principle that management must focus on improving systems

2.1.1. Not in performing the work or in repeatedly snuffing out brushfires.

2.1.2. Quality products or services , a stable staff and profitability are the result of the quality systems that produce them.

2.1.3. I would no longer manage the results of inefficient systems . Instead , I would expend my energies on perfecting those systems — and the results would take care of themselves .

2.2. The World is a collection of systems

2.2.1. There is no human “ King of Everything ” who directs the goings - on of the world . On its own , and no matter what , this earth keeps turning and life carries on in an overall structured and organized pattern , and . . . no one is in charge !

2.3. Why You Get Your Current Results

2.3.1. Whether an outcome is to your liking or not , the underlying system is performing exactly as it was constructed . You are not at the mercy of mysterious conspiring forces or of the swirling backwash of chaos . If it is in your power — and so much that affects you is in your power — you can fix things ! What about those systems you can’t repair because they are out of your control ? Relax . If you can’t fix something , don’t worry about it .

2.4. Manager of a large successful business = Manage Systems Manager of a small struggling business = copes with bad results .

2.5. Instead of killing fires , you will spend your time creating a fireproof environment

2.6. If we choose to live a certain lifestyle , that lifestyle has certain requirements . To achieve your desired lifestyle , you must accomplish these tasks whether you enjoy doing them or not .

2.7. Can't Find The Staff: Terrific employees are out there , but in a non - documented business , none will function anywhere near their potential because mind reading and fortune - telling are not things humans can do , no matter how advanced their IQ or educational pedigree .

2.8. What have been the top five mistakes of my life? The largest errors were not the result of mistakes ; they were the outcome of failing to take steps that should have been taken.

3. Structure

3.1. Systems

3.1.1. Document

3.1.2. Create or Fix

3.2. Watchers

3.2.1. System improvement managers (Not CEO)

4. Process

4.1. Create the One Page Strategic Objective

4.1.1. Provide overall direction for your business and your personal life One Doc for Business One for Personal Life

4.2. General Operating Principles

4.2.1. Guidelines for making decisions 2-3 Pages These principles are what you believe

4.3. Working Procedures

4.3.1. Define every recurring process of the business Specific collection of protocols that outline exactly how the business systems will operate Working Procedure documents for anyone “ off - the - street."

4.3.2. A Procedure to Create Procedures Master document lays out the format and tone you want staff to use in creating everyday Working Procedures .

4.4. Examine and repair

4.4.1. Selected the most flawed system and then move on to the next most flawed isolate - fix - maintain Dissect each system into its most fundamental components . Describe each system on paper in a 1 - 2 - 3 - step format Improve the efficiency of the component steps. Change sequences and add or delete steps as necessary. Test every new procedure . Before releasing , give it to a staff member who will carefully go through the steps to spot glitches .

4.5. Update Working Procedure

4.5.1. The documentation of each improved system is critical .

4.6. Maintain Systems

4.6.1. KPIs