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Concept 16.1 by Mind Map: Concept 16.1
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Concept 16.1

Oldest Fossils


Photosynthetic Prokaryotes

Origin of Small Organic Molecules

atmoshpere contained: carbon monoxided, carbon dioxicde, nitrogen, and water vapor

Little or no Oxygen

Energy sources (active volcanoes, lightning, and ultraviolet radiation) from sun were more intense than today

Stanley Miller's Experiment


showed evidence that small organic molecules could have formed from chemical and physical processes on early Earth

Heat vaporizes the water in the solutions, leaving behind high concentrations of amino acids

"The RNA World"

definng characteristic of life is the process of inheritance which is based on molecules that copy themselves

Cells today transcribe information from DNA to RNA

Formation of Pre - Cells

Stage 1: small organic molecules, such as amino acids and nucleotides, formed from simpler molecules present in the environment


Stage 2: these molecules joined together into larger ones such as proteins and nucleic acids

Stage 3: molecules that could copy themselves provide a basis for the inheritance of molecular information

Stage 4: Molecules form pre - cells