+Coaching Connections to Frameworks

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+Coaching Connections to Frameworks by Mind Map: +Coaching Connections to Frameworks

1. Jim Knight's "The Impact Cycle"

2. Scott McLeod's "Harnessing Technology" (4 Shifts)

3. Google's Certified Coaching Program

4. Learning First, Technology Second by Liz Kolb

5. Continuous Classroom Improvement - Shipley

6. Michael Fullan

7. Future Ready

8. KETS Master Plan, 2018-2024 Areas of Emphasis

9. Cognitive Coaching - Costa and Germiston

10. Catlin Tucker's Power-Up Blended Learning (5 E's)

11. Blended Learning with Marcia Kish

12. Transformational Coaching by Elena Aguilar

13. The Leader's Guide to Coaching in Schools by John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh

14. Eric Sheninger

15. Thomas Gusky

16. KY Digital Learning Guidelines