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Mini Ecosystems Lesson Plan 3rd Grade Science by Mind Map: Mini Ecosystems Lesson Plan 3rd
Grade Science
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Mini Ecosystems Lesson Plan 3rd Grade Science


Standard 2, Objective 2

Intended Learning Outcomes

Observe objects and patterns, and report conclusions.

Compare things.

Explain science concepts.

Record data.

Report observations.

Instructional Procedures

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6






Plants or Animals

Food Chain

Food Items

Magic School Bus

Assessment Plan

Collect science journals.

Go outside or look out a window.


glass jars

various plants, insects, etc.

soil and/or pond water

reference materials as needed

Background for Teachers

Ideas and materials for different terrariums are listed in the lesson plan.  You may prefer to have your students help research, build, and supply what is needed for each terrarium.  If you do, plan on taking at least a week on this project.  If money or time is an issue, have each class one your grade level make on and rotate the models or keep them in a central place where they can be observed.


Students will make small-scale environments and will describe interactions between living and nonliving things in their environments.


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