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Social Media Web Sites by Mind Map: Social Media
Web Sites
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Social Media Web Sites

E-mail and Automated Follow-up

allow e-mail newsletters to be created from rss feeds

fully customizable

Just Plain Cool Stuff

Blog / Other

Q&A Sites

Classifieds Ad Sites (In Order, as of Sept 2007)

Professional Networking

Top 20 Bookmarking Sites (In Order, as of July 2007)

build friends first

then submit

must manually submit stories

Make friends first

then submit

must manually submit stories

you are found through tags

in wordpress category slugs = tags

automtically grabs your latest blog posts

set up subscriptions

expand network

share bookmarked pages

tags are separated by spaces and multiple word tags should be combined into one word (internetmarketing)

must manually save stories

Make an account and join groups right away

wait a few days, because it won't let you post discussions in the forums if your account is new

After a couple days, save favorites and join discussions

Must manually favorite stories

use keywords in the URL and blog name

will automatically pull stories

join communities to get noticed

write quality content

hard to promote business here

friends don't seem to do much

need to msg and build networks the hard way

If there isn't a product to promote, then do research and find supporting products to your service.

Sell merchandise related to your company or service

good for if you don't already have a blog

friends are hard to find/save

works well for connections through tagging


save portions of web pages you like

comments and views a left within the site

harder to generate traffic to your site

seed news stories

made for developers only

specifically focuses on internet marketing

blog voting system

generates decent traffic

focuses on marketing

focuses on seo

Good for discussions and getting real questions answered

High-quality network

very protective of their content

Not open for new members

Top Social Networking Sites (In order, as of March 2007)