The Sound of Music

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The Sound of Music by Mind Map: The Sound of Music

1. Part 1

1.1. Percussionist Ron Forbes encouraged Evelyn

1.1.1. Doesn't listen music but senses it Songs at local concerts Gives free concert at hospitals and prisons

1.2. Defness confirmed at 11

2. Part 2

2.1. Shehnai is improved tonal quality of pungi

2.1.1. Earned 1.25kg of laddu as first prize Bismillah's first big break in 1938 Awards: Bharat Ratna Padma Bhushan Padma Vibhushan Padma Shri

2.2. Ustad Bismillah Khan brought shehnai to classical stage

2.2.1. King Zahir Shah Gifted him priceless Persian carpets Refused to open shehnai school in USA Refused to go to Pakistan during Partition