Content Idea's and Writing

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Content Idea's and Writing by Mind Map: Content Idea's and Writing

1. Writing Structure

1.1. Creating Magnetic Headline

1.2. Intro

1.3. Body of the Article

1.4. Conclusion

2. Things to Know Before Content Writing

2.1. What is Content Creation

2.1.1. Creating Innovative Topics

2.2. How to Set-up Goals And Objective (लक्ष्य और उद्देश्य कैसे निर्धारित करें)

2.2.1. What, Why, Whom of your content.

2.3. Do You Know Who is Your Audience (क्या आप जानते हैं कि आपका दर्शक कौन है)

2.3.1. Create User Persona

2.4. Your Writing Attitude for User (यूजर के लिए आपका लेखन का स्टाइल)

2.4.1. Set Writing Tone

2.5. Give Structure (अंतिम रुपरेखा)

2.5.1. Compile With Writing Structure

3. Innovative Thinking

3.1. Note Down Unique Thoughts

3.2. Be Attentive and Open

3.3. Research and Deep Thinking

3.4. Choose Right time to Write

3.5. Imagination and Daydreaming

3.6. Read Books and Timeless Content