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Changes by Mind Map: Changes

1. 22.6 Hours

1.1. 22.6 Hours

2. BOE hearing in 25 days

3. Teacher must ask the Association

4. Decision is final, extension is mutual consent

5. Association has 10 days to appeal

6. An employee shall receive a $250 stipend in their 5th year of credited service with the District. This yearly stipend shall continue through their 9th year of credited service with the District. This amount will change to: A $350 yearly stipend in their 10th year of credited service with the District and shall continue through year 15; A $500 yearly stipend in their 16th year of credited service with the District and shall continue through year 20; A $750 yearly stipend in their 21st year of credited service with the District and beyond.

7. Salary Increase Proposal – On LOCAL scale: Year 1 – 2.5% on local scale Year 2 – 2% on local scale Year 3 – 2% on local scale

8. 8.7 Cons

9. Why?

9.1. Approve or Disapprove

10. A joint committee shall be established to define weather contingencies/unexpected school closures and related working conditions and expectations. The Committee shall meet and report out prior to the beginning of the school year. The committee shall consist of at least six members appointed by the President of the Association and at least six members appointed by the Superintendent or designee.

11. $4K annual stipend Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, BCBAs and School Nurses

12. New CEA Master Agreement effective July 1, 2021 until June 30, 2024

13. 25:2.2 Upon request, an employee will have access to a list of disciplinary incidents of students referred by the teacher to administration for discipline reasons. The list of discipline incidents may be redacted to comply with state or Federal law or regulations

14. 25:2.1 Each building shall have in place a process to review student disciplinary actions, issues or concerns. These processes shall be communicated to employees and the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to the beginning of the school year.

15. ARTICLE TWENTY-TWO PROTECTION OF TEACHERS, STUDENTS AND PROPERTY 22:6 When, due to inclement weather/unanticipated event, the normal starting time of school is delayed, the normal starting time for teachers will be adjusted by the amount of the delay. When due to inclement weather/unanticipated event, schools are closed early; teachers may leave as soon as the students have been safely dismissed from the building. Teachers shall not be required to report to work on days when school is closed due to inclement weather/unanticipated event, unless the Superintendent and Association President mutually agree for teachers to report to the building or work virtually.

16. 9:5 PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES (PLCs) Weekly PLCs will be held in grades K-12 for core content area teachers. The format, function and time of the PLCs will be detailed in each Schools Success Plan (SSP). PLCs at the elementary level shall be a minimum maximum of ninety (90) minutes a week. PLCs are intended to be a collaborative process in which educators work together guided by four questions for the purpose of achieving better results for the students they serve. The four questions are: (1) What do we want students to learn?; (2) How do we know students have learned it?; ( 3) What do we do when students don’t learn it?; and (4) What do we do when students have learned it/already know it?. Professional learning communities use teacher driven and student data informed action research practices to organize their efforts and operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous job-embedded learning for educators. Agendas/minutes shall be kept and submitted to all staff.

17. 9.11 Meetings

17.1. no set start/stop time

18. 9:11.1 The administration shall schedule meetings as necessary at least 24 hours in advance. No meetings, except in case of a clearly established emergency, shall be scheduled on Fridays or days preceding holidays or vacation days.

19. 9.2.1 The employees’ normal in-school work day will be seven and one-half (7 ½) continuous hours, inclusive of ½ hour lunch. Elementary hours shall normally fall within 7:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Middle and high school hour shall normally fall within 7:20 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Should bus schedules require an alteration to the starting and ending times above, the District and Association will meet to establish times necessary to comply with bus schedules. The time required will be inclusive of thirty (30) minutes of non-instructional time in the specific work location and may be divided before or after the student day in a manner best suited to building operations. Employees shall be ready to begin working at their assigned location at the designated time. Subject to operational needs, buildings may extend the teacher day 30 minutes past the contractual work day one day a week. This extended day may include a meeting scheduled by administration or, if no meeting, completion of professional responsibilities as reported to administration. For teachers who fulfill this requirement, the teacher day shall end at the close of the pupil day (after departure of buses) on the last day of the same school week.

20. 9:2.3 Notwithstanding the above, with 70% professional staff agreement and Superintendent approval, a building may adopt a flexible schedule equal to 37.5 hours per week. The flexible schedule may provide for extended workdays as long as total hours worked per week does not exceed 37.5 hours. The flexible schedule shall provide teachers with a daily thirty (30) minute duty free lunch. Further, building start time shall be no earlier than 7:20 am and building end time shall be no later than 4:00 pm.

21. Resolution of Employee Concerns 8:7 LEVEL FOUR: 8:7.1 The concerned teacher, no later than ten (10) twenty-five (25) days after receipt of the Superintendent’s decision, may request that the Association appeal said decision to the Board of Education. If the Association determines that the concern should be appealed to the Board, it shall make such appeal no later than ten (10) days after the decision of the Superintendent. In such event, the official concern record maintained by the Superintendent shall be available for use by the Board of Education. 8:7.2 The Board of Education shall, within a period not to exceed fifteen (15) twentyfive (25) days, hold a hearing with the concerned teacher and shall, within a period not to exceed ten (10) days of the completion of the hearing(s) render a final decision, along with its reasons, in writing to the concerned teacher and to the Association representative. If either party needs additional time to prepare, an additional five (5) days may be approved by mutual consent.

22. 9:2.3.2 In the event that no volunteer is available for such position, and the Board determines that such positions are essential to the needs of the students of the Capital School District, the Board reserves its right to establish such positions and to fill these positions with new hires,provided such new hires do not cause a reduction in existing staff or voluntary transfers.

23. What?

24. Considerations

24.1. Majority vote via electronic means

25. 32.9 Longevity

26. 32.4 Salary

27. 9.5 PLC's

27.1. Maximum of 90 minutes/week

28. 22.2 Discipline Pros

29. 22.6 Hours

30. 8.7 Employee concerns