Key activities

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Key activities by Mind Map: Key activities

1. Communicate value proposition

1.1. Strong call to action

1.1.1. Shortened link

1.1.2. Tracked

1.1.3. Customized

1.2. Video sales letters

1.3. Create compelling copy (what's in it for them?)

2. Reach markets

2.1. Partner channels

2.1.1. Social media marketing

2.1.2. Affiliate marketing

2.2. Shop stewards

2.2.1. Paid

2.2.2. Volunteer

2.2.3. Brokers

2.3. Owned channels

2.3.1. Email marketing

2.3.2. Website

2.3.3. Print Newspaper Newsletter Postcard

2.4. Advertising calls to action (expense)

2.4.1. Pay Per Click/Impression Google YouTube advertising Google Adwords Gmail advertising Social media Facebook Advertising Linkedin Advertising Mobile

2.4.2. Print Newspaper Newsletter Billboard Postcard

2.4.3. Media Television Radio

3. Maintain customer relatinoships

3.1. Social relationship management

3.1.1. Twitter lists Customer segment retweets Customer segment mentions

3.1.2. Facebook lists Engagement with customer segments

3.1.3. Avectra Social CRM Payment gateway

3.2. Online tools

3.2.1. Postcard app

3.2.2. Virtual meeting Skype One on one meetings Google Hangout Board meeting Tech support

3.2.3. Video email Bomb bomb Eyejot

3.3. Telephone

4. Earn revenues

5. Risk management

5.1. Monitor of comments online

5.1.1. Google Alerts

5.1.2. Twilert

5.1.3. Socialmention

5.1.4. Hoosuite

5.2. Intellectual property

5.2.1. Images Crystal Graphics Make your own

5.2.2. Videos iStock videos Make your own

5.2.3. Music Royalty FREE Music Make your own

5.2.4. Copy Copyscape

6. Staff Training

6.1. Skill sets

6.1.1. Writing copy Editing Microsoft Word Wordpress Creating the offer Publishing Issuu Wordpress Dropbox Social media

6.1.2. Picture Capturing Mobile Phone Canon SLR Editing Picmonkey web tool Auto-stich iPhone app Photoshop Express iPhone app Skitch iPad app Snag-it Publishing Flickr Picassa Instagram Hootsuite

6.1.3. Video Capturing Mobile Phone Canon SLR Camtasia Complete Fiverr job description Editing iMovie Windows Movie Maker Complete Fiverr job description Publishing YouTube Amazon S3/Easy video player Vimeo

6.1.4. Presentations Creating/Editing Prezi Keynote PowerPoint Publishing Slideshare Sliderocket Dropbox

6.2. Online marketing

6.2.1. Conversion A/B testing Usertesting Clicktale Google website optimizer

6.2.2. Email marketing A/B testing HTML design Creating subject lines and copy

6.2.3. Social media marketing Content creation Monitoring Lead generation Relationship building

6.2.4. Search engine optimization Keyword analysis Google Keyword Tool WordTracker Content creation Include low competition, high traffic key words Include pictures, internal links, and external links Content optimization Title description and tags H1, H2 <head> tags Alt picture tags, links and descriptions