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Scholarly writing by Mind Map: Scholarly writing
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Scholarly writing

1. Think about your topic

What will you enjoy writing about?

Why will someone who reads this be interested?

What's your goal for this paper?

2. Research

Compile some ideas

Supporting sources

Social media and scholarly writing

3. Structure

5 Part argument

Adapted from

4. Write and Edit

Don't be afraid to edit. Simple, memorable information is hard and requires filtering.

Parsimiony=saying the most with the least number of words. Imagine each word costs $10.00 and you are on a strict budget.

Read it aloud. Does it make sense? Do all the sentences work?

Read it aloud to someone else who will give you honest and correct feedback.




5. Proofread & Finalize

Cover Page

Table of Contents


Features of Academic writing









How to Write An Article in No Time

Sections and Word/Page counts

Analyze a paper in the journal where you want to publish. Depends on the journal for word length Do a page count of the sections and work out a ratio. For this paper the total number of pages is 27 , so the ratio for the Intro is 1/27, for the lit review 3/27 and so on.

The Plan

Let it go

Thomas Boswell 40 Paragraphs in an Article

5 Introductory and concluding remarks

5 will establish a general, human background

5 will state the theory that informs the analysis

5 will state the method by which the data was gathered

5 for results I

5 for results II

5 for results III

5 Implications of the research