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Long Term Future Technology by Mind Map: Long Term Future Technology
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Long Term Future Technology

Long range , deep penetration, scanning tech

digitally stored duplicate

energy/matter convertor

Otherwise know and currently refered to as "Replicators" from Star Trek

unlimited matter

no more food crisis

no more object envy

no more currency

can accurately reproduce living organisms with corresponding minds

unlimited duplication, physical immortality, unlimited sex partners, no more sexual aggression

newly produced minds has built-in wireless connectivity to mind web

no more garbage

wireless mental link

(add only, no deletion) mind web

mental immortality

ONENESS with all sentient beings

all sentience will be uploaded online constantly to insure latest copy

all sentience inside mind web can access energy/matter convertor, creation of a suitable body to copy mind into


plasma stream harvesting

unlimited energy, no more energy shortage

100% efficient solar collectors

perfect thermal insulators + tungsten + heat pump

New node