Theoretical Perspectives of Language Development

Language Development

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Theoretical Perspectives of Language Development by Mind Map: Theoretical  Perspectives of Language Development

1. Behaviorist

1.1. Theorist-researcher: B.F. Skinner

1.1.1. Language is developed as a result of associations with the environment, based on "stimuli, responses, and reinforcements that occur in the environment." (p. 31)

2. Nativist

2.1. Theorist-researcher: Noam Chomsky

2.1.1. Language development is an "inborn or innate human capabilities;" nature is responsible for the development. (p. 27)

3. Cognitive Developmentalist

3.1. Theorist-researcher: Jean Piaget

3.1.1. Language develops only when "maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop." Cognitive development is a necessary prerequsite. (p. 30)

4. Interactionist

4.1. Theorist-researcher: Lev Vygotsky

4.1.1. Language develops due to "sociocultural interaction in children's development of language knowledge" and children learn language because it serves a purpose, to communicate with society. (p. 33)