Power of advertising, Empowerment for Social Cause

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Power of advertising, Empowerment for Social Cause by Mind Map: Power of advertising, Empowerment for Social Cause

1. Advertising, the influential source of persuasion in the society - Not just for commercial use, but to address bigger topics and create awareness of problems in the society

2. Objective of research

2.1. How power of advertising have a positive impact in the society?

2.1.1. Sub Idea 1

2.1.2. Sub Idea 2

2.2. How right resource can be used to solve a bigger problem?

2.3. Why is social awareness not proactively avocated by the advertising industry?

2.4. The urgency of social awarness/social issue to address

2.5. How advertising can reach out to the target audience of the social issue?

2.5.1. Which in turn bring positivity to brands?

3. Possible approach

3.1. Brands relating to current events, social issue, positive brand image

3.2. Brands can be the solution to the social problem

3.2.1. Reach out to their target audience

3.2.2. Attract the intented target audience

4. Advertising is the fore-runner to get message out to people

4.1. Perfect combination to get social awarness

4.2. Has the collection of talents to reach out effectively

4.3. Goal: To help brands achieve a better image, clever execution of message.

5. Advertising the link between brands and social issues

5.1. Same target audience

5.2. win-win situation

5.3. good image to brand

5.4. Solve social issues