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Module 3 Passive Voice and Modals by Mind Map: Module 3
    Passive Voice
and Modals
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Module 3 Passive Voice and Modals


passive forms

verbs with -ся(сь)

бути and Past Participle Passive

бути and verbs with -но/то

active forms

indefinite-personal sentences

definite-personal sentences


passive infinitive

to be Participle II

simple passive

present simple, am/is/are Participle II

past simple, was/were Participle II

future simple, will be Participle II

future simple in-the-past, would be Participle II

continuous passive

present continuous, am/is/are being Participle II

past continuous, was/were Participle II

perfect passive

present perfect, have/has been Participle II

past perfect, had been Participle II

future perfect, will have been Participle II

future perfect in-the-past, would have been Participle II


unknown doer

obvious doer

action - more important

in official documents