Nature of Language

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Nature of Language by Mind Map: Nature of Language

1. 1) Language is learnt

1.1. It is not an automatic process, is learnt over a period of time and usually starts with isolated sounds like ma-ma, pa-pa

2. 2) Language is a system

2.1. It functions through components like sound, words, and structures

3. 3) Language is a system of systems

3.1. It is system of systems which involves sounds, word-patterns, sentence patterns, meaning-pattern, letter shapes

4. 4) Language is system of symbols

4.1. Language is a two fold aspect where words, phrases or sentences represent some object or idea. eg. keeping quiet is represented as 'shhhhh'

5. 5) The symbols of language are arbitrary

5.1. No visual relationship between the word and the object. eg. cupboard

6. 6) The symbols of language are vocal

6.1. The sounds are produced with the tongue. eg. to pronounce a name the tongue has to undergo certain turns in order to get it right

7. 7) Language is unique

7.1. Every language has its unique style of functioning.

8. 8) Language is for communication

8.1. Language is used to communicate. No language- no communication.

9. 9) Language relates to the culture in which it exists.

9.1. Language is not found in vacuum rather it is related to the culture.

10. 10) Language is made up of habits

10.1. Learning any language requires a lot of drill work. eg. French, Spanish.

11. 11) Language changes

11.1. New words keeps on adding and thus a word change in a line is important. eg. breakfast + lunch = brunch.