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Comparatives by Mind Map: Comparatives

1. Equality.

1.1. is formed on the adjective sandwiched between the construction "" for affirmative and interrogative sentences and "not" or "not" for negative sentences.

1.1.1. EXAMPLES Im as young as you / Soy tan joven como tu. Am I as young as you?/¿soy tan joven como tu?. Im not so young as you/No soy tan joven como tu

2. Inferiority.

2.1. is formed in the adjective by inserting it between the construction "less...than(less than), although it is more usual to find the comparison of equality in the negative form (which have the same meaning).

2.1.1. EXAMPLES Hes less young than you/El es menor joven que tu. Hes nat as young as you/El no es tan joven como tu(mas usual).

3. Superiority.

3.1. is formed in 2 ways by adding to the adjective the suffix "er" for the comparative of superiority and "lest" for the superlative = + er + est; big(grande) bigger(mas grande) biggest(el mas grande) before putting the word more(mas) for the comparative of superiority and "the most" for the superlative.

3.1.1. EXAMPLES Inteligent/inteligente. More inteligent/mas inteligente. The more inteligent/el mas inteligente. Los adjetivos de una sola silaba forman el comparativo y el superlativo con "er y est". Old, older, oldest,/Viejo. New, newer, the newest/Nuevo. Dark, darker, the darkest/Oscuro.

4. superlative

4.1. Relative superlatives of one-syllable targets.

4.1.1. Old: The oldest this house is the oldest in this town. Esta casa es la mas vieja en la cuidad. Young: The youngest mary is the youngest of the family. Maria es la mas joven de la familia. Strong: The strongest is the strogest of his team. Pedro es el mas fuerte de su equipo. Weak: The weakest this tree is the weakest in this park. Este arbol es el mas debil del parque.

4.2. Relative superlatives of 2 or more syllables.

4.2.1. Expensive: The most expensive the mercedes is the mest expensive car. Un mercedes es el auto mas caro. Comfortable: The most comfortable this house is the most comfortable of the neighborhood. Esta casa es la mas comoda del barrio. Interesting: the most interesting this bookis the most interesting I ve ever read. Este libro es el mas interesante que e leído. Tired: the most tired I am the most tired of the group. Yo soy el/ La mas cansada/ A del grupo.

5. adverbs

5.1. In English, abverbs of manner are formed by adding "ly to adjectives.

5.1.1. EXAMPLES Slow: Slowly.                                                       Lento: Lentamente.                                           Quick: Quickly                                                   Rapido: Rapidamente.                                       Dangeros: Dangerosly.                               Peligroso: Peligrosamente.                                 Careful: carefully.                                               Cuidadoso: cuidadosamente.                           Heavy: Heavily.                                                 Pesado: pesadamente.                                     Sundden: Suddenly.                                         Repentino: Repentinamente. All these adverbs of mood form their comparative of superiority as MORE THAN and the superlative is formed with THE MOST.

6. adjectives

6.1. Adjectives that are also adverbs and their comparatives.

6.1.1. Fast: Faster                                                           Veloz/ Velozmente: Mas velozmente.                 Hard: Harder.                                                       Duro/ Duramente: mas duro.                               Late: Later.                                                           Tarde/ Mas tarde.                                             Early: Eartier.                                                       Temprano/ Mas temprono. He drive fasther than his fasther. El conduce mas velozmente que su padre. I wark harder than anybody in the offina. Trabaja mas duro/ duramente que cualquiera en la oficina. She always arrivez late than her boss. Ella siempre llega mas temprano que su jefe. This train leaves earler than the bus. Este tren parte mas temprano que el colectivo.