Interview with #101 Treasurer of Student Association

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Interview with #101 Treasurer of Student Association by Mind Map: Interview with #101 Treasurer of Student Association

1. start

1.1. already knew he wanted to be part of associations before joining the school

1.2. I needed to do something more business like than class

1.3. got approached by a friend

1.4. I wanted to be president or nothing

1.5. I was good at organising meetings

1.6. serendipity & make luck happen

2. What?

2.1. organise free events for students for 8 months

2.1.1. cooking crepes for 600 people test for the team excited to see the results

2.2. competition was good to add pressure

2.3. negotiaction

2.3.1. with grocery stores!

2.4. sponsorship

2.4.1. beer company

2.5. 1 day of full free event on election day for 600 students

2.6. elected

2.6.1. responsibilites dont stop

2.6.2. if the team doesn't do it, who will do it

3. Roles

3.1. split the roles by level of dedication

3.1.1. 2/3 just for fun

3.1.2. 1/3 to learn

3.2. decision 2:

3.2.1. accepted not to be president but treasurer

3.2.2. involved in all decisions control

3.3. Organised in sub teams

4. Motivation

4.1. Learned not everybody has the same lever

4.1.1. but the power of the team is higher than the power of 1 individual

4.1.2. learned not to be angry at less motivated people decision 3: need to accept it

4.1.3. understand that not everybody can skip class

4.1.4. learn to keep everybody motivated on the long run

4.2. it was good to be in charge

4.3. Ia a perfectionist so I asked each team to present their project in front of me

5. Business Savvy

5.1. had to learn

5.2. budget

5.3. it was a very useful experience before getting in a company

6. Delegation

6.1. forced into delegation on election day

6.2. It's not just you, you realise there is a capable team

7. Make decisions

7.1. 2001: organising a trip of 600 students

7.1.1. 25 students from the US didnt want to come

7.1.2. negotiate with the travel provider

7.2. not mentoring

7.3. need to make educted decision, sometimes risky

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