Pros & Cons of Digital Mind Maps

Everyone can benefit from mind mapping. The only question is, which method fits your needs best. If you love to draw and are a very haptic type of learner, paper mind maps might be best for you. But if you want to collaborate and brainstorm with others, an online mind mapping solution might be better suited.

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Pros & Cons of Digital Mind Maps by Mind Map: Pros & Cons of Digital Mind Maps

1. Require an electronic device

1.1. Such as a laptop or tablet

1.2. Web-based mind mapping software also often requires an active internet connection

2. No haptic experience

2.1. Typing doesn't aid memory the same way handwriting does

2.2. Maps are also less personal

3. May cost money

3.1. Online mind mapping software may require a paid subscription to utilize all features

4. Export options

4.1. You can easily turn your digital maps into other formats

4.1.1. Word documents

4.1.2. Text outlines

4.1.3. Presentation slides

4.1.4. Tasks and projects

4.2. You can also print them out once you're happy with the final result

5. Additional benefits of online mind maps

5.1. Safely stored in the cloud

5.1.1. Can be accessed from multiple devices

5.1.2. Can't get lost or destroyed as easily as a piece of paper

5.2. Maps can easily be shared

5.2.1. Multiple users can simultaneously work on a map

5.2.2. Real-time collaboration

6. Practically no limit in size

6.1. Infinite canvas

6.2. You can grow your maps as big and complex as needed

7. Easy to make changes

7.1. Ideas can be rearranged, added and deleted as you go along

7.2. Mistakes can easily be corrected

8. Quick to create

8.1. Most people type faster than they write/draw

8.2. Key shortcuts help you work even more efficiently

8.3. Getting your thoughts out quickly is important to facilitate a free flow of ideas!

9. Multimedia attachments

9.1. You can add notes, links, files and images to the topics of your map

9.2. The information can be 'hidden' inside topics and won't clutter up your map

10. Can easily be read by others

10.1. Sloppy handwriting can make a handwritten map messy, so they're often difficult to read for other people

10.2. With digital mind maps, sharing information is easy!