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Treaty of Versailles, 07/05/1919 by Mind Map: Treaty of Versailles, 07/05/1919
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Treaty of Versailles, 07/05/1919

Over 50% of its Iron and Steel Industry

Union (Anschluss) with Austrial Strictly FORBIDDEN

13% of its Territory

16% of Coal Industry

Germany would pay $33 Billion to Allies

Also Known as the "War Guilt Clause"

Designed by Woodrow Wilson - the "fourteenth point".

Legal Restrictions on Germany


Article 231 of T.o.V assigned blame of WW1 to Germany.

12.5% of its Population

Decided in 1921

League of Nations

Intended to solve international disputes

Prevent future wars

What Did Germany Lose?


All Overseas Colonies

the big three