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Jefferson County Economic Development Future by Mind Map: Jefferson County Economic Development Future
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Jefferson County Economic Development Future

Very interesting, Micheal, It's a great start in rendering your Strategic Developmental Plan more accessible and more easily understandable for the Stakeholders. Brian Crossman


Improve business development communication  marketing and networking.

Identify Targeted Industries

See strategic plan document - action matrix

Identify methods

Get County to pony up enough money

Hire graphic designer

Workforce Development

Develop Workforce to Meet 21st Century Challenges

A.1 Coordinate efforts between all educational providers to align workforce development with targeted industries

Based on a career pathways approach, develop curricula based on the skills needed for the targeted industries (from high school to community college). Continue to coordinate efforts with the regional four year colleges and universities to build on their strengths.

A.2 Create a Task Force to regularly bring together educators and employers to jointly address emerging workforce needs.

Provide job information to guidance counselors, teachers, principals and parents about various career and education pathways for the target industries and other employment opportunities. Task Force will address technical and academic skill areas that are needed as well as soft skills for employees (attendance, reliability, etc). Work to solve disconnect between available jobs and workforce skills.

A.3 Encourage internship and apprenticeship partner programs

In an effort to attract employees from regional colleges and create life long residents, expand internship opportunities throughout the County and market to college department heads.  Encourage greater participation by companies. Work to find ways to benefit the student, company and university through credit programs, tuition assistance and/or payment.

A.4 Support Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) training programs

Support existing STEM training efforts and increase where possible. For example the National Science Foundation offers grants to community colleges and other institutions of higher learning to increase their ability to deliver education and career training.

A.5 Continue the Jefferson Express Workshops

Pursue funding to continue the Jefferson Express Workshops offered by JCC to provide job training, skill building and mobile technical assistance to rural parts of the County.

A.6 Create new and promote existing programs to assist in the transition from military to civilian life easier for retired military personnel

Focus on transitions into targeted industries, acquiring the skills necessary for the current economy and how to start a business. Pursue additional Federal funds and programs to train and place veterans.

A.7 Develop employee training programs that are available for small employers and new start ups

Program to include training opportunities for technical skills, and various managerial and business skills. Create programs where multiple firms can send employees to improve enrollment rates and increase sustainability for providers.

A.8 Develop and promote adequate community support services required for a strong workforce

Integrate service and resource information pertaining to child care, elder care, and transportation alternatives through outreach to local employers and employees. Service providers should increase marketing and promotion.

A.9 Establish a connection with Canadian universities to advertise jobs

Establishing a partnership with Eastern Ontario higher education centers could broaden the labor pool and attract applicants for job openings.

A.10 Increase awareness of available higher education offerings and continue to increase program offerings

Implement a "life long learning" strategy whereby residents are aware of the many available programs (Certificate programs, Associate's degrees, Bachelor's degrees and beyond) through JCC. Recognize and encourage the various ways that residents can get their higher degrees.

Cultivate Entrepreneurship

Cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship

B.1 Expand on existing support network for entrepreneurs and new businesses, designed to help them grow and compete successfully.

Recruit successful entrepreneurs and encourage and support them to start an informal network developed and led by themselves Host network events that bring together those with technical skills and those with business ideas. Develop a mentoring program for hands-on experiences for entrepreneurs. Use the network to identify what skills and assets they need to succeed.

B.2 Continue to build on existing youth entrepreneurship programs

Expand on entrepreneurship opportunities such as the annual E-Day (Entrepreneur Day) competition which involves both high school and JCC students, and the Junior Leadership Institute.

B.3 Study the feasibility of establishing an entrepreneur incubator space

Working with Fort Drum, JCC and SBDC establish an incubator focused on making space available and also offering services and technical assistance for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. The incubator should hold courses, "lunch and learns" and other networking events to help support entrepreneurs.

B.4 Promote existing sources of capital and work to find new sources for entrepreneurs

Establish or identify sources of a venture capital fund, angel investment or other sources of equity investment available to local entrepreneurs. These may include public or private funds. Recapitalize the County's microenterprise RLF through alternative sources. Advertise existing sources of funds.

B.5 Promote existing sources of capital and work to find new sources for entrepreneurs

Develop a more intensive mentoring program for small business owners that have been in business between one and two years and are in need of assistance to get from the original product idea and innovation to establishing a company and expanding their markets. Focus on production industries to expand markets and find growth potential. This should be a regional effort as that will increase available resources and bring more entrepreneurs together.

B.6 Support existing small business assistance programs and transitional classes aimed at Fort Drum retirees and soldiers separating from service

Former soldiers and their families are often potential entrepreneurs that want to remain in the area and have skills to develop niche business endeavors. Target business support services to this population.

B.7 Continue training opportunities through the SBDC

The SBDC offers counseling and training as a core service to budding entrepreneurs. It helps with business planning, financial management, and human resource issues. Bring training business owners curriculum based on "innovation engineering" as a way to increase internal innovation and product development as provided by State Manufacturing Extension Partnerships.

B.8 Connect with seasonal homeowners looking to start their own business

The recent TIIC survey of seasonal residents indicated 4.5% were interested in owning and/or operating a local business. Market local business opportunities and services to second homeowners interested in starting or relocating their own business to Jefferson County.

Targeted Industries

The need to focus on manufacturing



Call Centers



Supporting Documents

Adv Manu

Industry data

Employment summaries


Have first class amenities to support growth --- infrastructure, facilities, energy, etc.

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Quality of Life

Enhance quality of life advantages of the County to support local residents, workforce and to facilitate business investmetn

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Tourism and Retail Development

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Health Care and Social Assistance

Information Technology