Jefferson County Economic Development Future

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Jefferson County Economic Development Future by Mind Map: Jefferson County Economic Development Future

1. Marketing

1.1. Identify Targeted Industries

1.2. Identify methods

1.3. Get County to pony up enough money

1.4. Hire graphic designer

2. Workforce Development

2.1. A.1 Coordinate efforts between all educational providers to align workforce development with targeted industries

2.2. A.2 Create a Task Force to regularly bring together educators and employers to jointly address emerging workforce needs.

2.3. A.3 Encourage internship and apprenticeship partner programs

2.4. A.4 Support Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) training programs

2.5. A.5 Continue the Jefferson Express Workshops

2.6. A.6 Create new and promote existing programs to assist in the transition from military to civilian life easier for retired military personnel

2.7. A.7 Develop employee training programs that are available for small employers and new start ups

2.8. A.8 Develop and promote adequate community support services required for a strong workforce

2.9. A.9 Establish a connection with Canadian universities to advertise jobs

2.10. A.10 Increase awareness of available higher education offerings and continue to increase program offerings

3. Cultivate Entrepreneurship

3.1. B.1 Expand on existing support network for entrepreneurs and new businesses, designed to help them grow and compete successfully.

3.2. B.2 Continue to build on existing youth entrepreneurship programs

3.3. B.3 Study the feasibility of establishing an entrepreneur incubator space

3.4. B.4 Promote existing sources of capital and work to find new sources for entrepreneurs

3.5. B.5 Promote existing sources of capital and work to find new sources for entrepreneurs

3.6. B.6 Support existing small business assistance programs and transitional classes aimed at Fort Drum retirees and soldiers separating from service

3.7. B.7 Continue training opportunities through the SBDC

3.8. B.8 Connect with seasonal homeowners looking to start their own business

4. Targeted Industries

4.1. Agriculture

4.1.1. Dairy

4.1.2. Wine

4.1.3. New node

4.2. Manufacturing

4.3. Call Centers

4.4. Tourism

5. Introduction

6. Supporting Documents

6.1. Adv Manu

6.2. Industry data

6.3. Employment summaries

7. Infrastructure

7.1. 1. New node

7.2. 2. New node

7.3. 3. New node

7.4. 4. New node

7.5. 5. New node

7.6. 6. New node

7.7. U

8. Quality of Life

8.1. 1. New node

8.2. 2. New node

8.3. 3. New node

8.4. 4. New node

8.5. 5. New node

8.6. 6. New node

9. Tourism and Retail Development

9.1. 1. New node

9.2. 2. New node

9.3. 3. New node

9.4. 4. New node

9.5. 5. New node

10. Agriculture

10.1. 1. New node

10.2. 2. New node

10.3. 3. New node

10.4. 4. New node

10.5. 5. New node

11. Health Care and Social Assistance

12. Information Technology