POP Course Roadmap

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POP Course Roadmap by Mind Map: POP Course Roadmap

1. Online Communication Strategy

1.1. Online Publishing Principles

1.2. Media Literacy

1.3. Publishing Focus

1.4. How to Identify Your Web Site Niche

1.5. The Sharewood Ethic: Robin Good's Entrepreneurial Approach

1.6. The Story of Robin Good

2. Technical Setup & Maintenance

2.1. How To Register Your Domain

2.2. How and Where To Host Your Site

2.3. How To Select Your Publishing Platform

2.4. How To Set Up Your WordPress site

2.5. How To Set Up Your Movable Type Site

2.6. How To Build Highly Accessible Standards-Compliant Web Sites

2.7. How to Monitor and Test your Site

3. Site Design & Architecture

3.1. Site Architecture and Definition

3.2. Site Design

3.3. Site Accessibility

4. Content Production

4.1. How to Write

4.2. How To Professionally Format Online Content

4.3. How To Write Great Articles by Creating Content Templates

4.4. How to Build Trust, Credibility and Authority right into your Content

4.5. Types and Sources for Content You Can Create

4.6. How To Become a Newsmaster and Use Newsradars

4.7. Where To Find Great Images and Visuals

4.8. How To Find and Select Great Images

4.9. How To Prepare Images for Online Publication

4.10. Online Video Publishing Foundations

5. Content Distribution

5.1. Content Distribution Alternatives

5.2. Content Marketing - Viral Marketing

5.3. RSS and Why You Want To Know More About It

5.4. Content Licensing and Intellectual Property Protection

6. Online Marketing & SEO

6.1. What is and How To Do SEO, SEM

6.2. How To Title: How to Get Traffic and Relevant Ads by Writing Great Titles

6.3. Online Direct-Marketing Strategies

6.4. How to Build a Long Term Online Business With List Building

6.5. How To Do Off-line Marketing

6.6. Social Media Marketing

6.7. How To Do Community Building

6.8. Branding 2.0 - How to Create Your Personal Brand

6.9. How To Increase Your Credibility and Authority Online

6.10. How To Measure and Track Popularity, Authority, Influence

6.11. Google Penalization

7. Advertising & Monetization

7.1. How To Monetize Online Content

7.2. What is Google AdSense and How It Works

7.3. How I Became a Successful Google AdSense Publisher

7.4. Advanced AdSense Tools and Techniques

7.5. How To Create and Monetize Information Products

7.6. Online Business Models - Monetization Approaches

7.7. How To Find Direct Advertisers