Informatics in Healthcare

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Informatics in Healthcare by Mind Map: Informatics in Healthcare

1. Consumer

1.1. Smartphones and tablets that increase access to medical information

1.2. Telemedicine

1.3. Costs - the more high-tech a facility is, the more likely it is to cost more to the consumer

2. Nursing

2.1. Patient monitoring devices

2.2. EHR

2.3. Computer skills and literacy

2.4. The need for technology to collect and produce evidence based care

2.5. Healthcare policies can be made based on data collection

2.6. Hospital workflow/movement within the hospital

3. National

3.1. American Nursing Informatics Association

3.1.1. CEUs and annual conferences available for education

3.1.2. Unified voice for nursing informatics

3.2. Institute of Medicine

3.2.1. 2 of the 5 core competencies include informatics

3.3. Alliance for Nursing Informatics

3.4. Supply and Demand Chains - determine the availability and access hospitals and other healthcare facilities have to equipment and supplies needed for technology

3.5. Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER)

3.5.1. Facilitated and promoted nursing informatics

3.5.2. Goal to improve patient care through informatics