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NSA St. Louis by Mind Map: NSA St. Louis
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NSA St. Louis

Programming (Manley)

Tools to understand:BlogEventbrite


Day of presentation

Follow up

Special event (Lois)

FInancial advisor (Rodney)

Dues collection

Meeting attendance

Financial reporting

Writing checks

Membership (Dawn)


Priority #1



Public Relations (Kelly)

Use Meetup group to advertise upcoming meetings and recruit new attendees and members.

Social Media

Media relations

President (Doug)

Take medication

Establish of job descriptions, schedule accountabilities and deadlines.

Provide recognition, awards, and highlight volunteers in their involvement.

Post President's Message to the blog.

Establish Google Hangout board meetings

Meet presenter for breakfast. Collect expense reimbursement envelope/invoice so Treasurer can process payment quickly. Send on to Treasurer that same day.

Ask president to customize quick Thank You note message after program.

Send thank you note to presenter--Have President and available board members pre-sign all cards at retreat so there are no delays. Ask president to customize a message after the program.

Add member videos to YouTube Playlist to rotate membership

Marketing (Josh Hawkins)



Write and submit a monthly blog post to educate the business community, encourage program attendance, and recruit members.