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NSA St. Louis by Mind Map: NSA St. Louis

1. Programming (Manley)

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. Create the marketing description, link and publish Eventbrite Calendar announcement http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1686042254

1.1.2. Seek input from experience members on ideas by emailing board of directors and making decision on best programming ideas.

1.1.3. Write blog post about upcoming event.

1.1.4. Secure the venue, audio visual, WI-FI, and Google map location.

1.1.5. Coordinate transportation, lodging, and contract with speaker.

1.1.6. Create the agenda for the meeting.

1.1.7. Email prior month's program evaluation report to Board week prior to next Board meeting.

1.1.8. Plan and assign responsibilities for program icebreaker or mingling activity to be held prior to meeting during member check in.

1.1.9. Plan and assign responsibilities for program icebreaker or mingling activity to be held prior to meeting during member check in.

1.2. Day of presentation

1.2.1. Introduce speaker to the group.

1.2.2. Distribute printed flyers, brochures and agendas at meetings.

1.2.3. Ensure audio/visual works at the venue.

1.3. Follow up

1.3.1. Coordinate with Treasurer to distribute Eventbrite funds into NSA St. Louis account

1.4. Special event (Lois)

2. FInancial advisor (Rodney)

2.1. Dues collection

2.1.1. Collect dues using PayPal.

2.2. Meeting attendance

2.2.1. Integrate bank accounts with PayPal and Eventbrite software.

2.2.2. Ensure all program related deposits are made and verified.

2.2.3. Email monthly Balance Sheet, Income Statement (P&L), and Budget Variance Report to the Board and CLC Consultant prior to each scheduled Board meeting. Include account balances, obligated funds, unallocated budget amounts, etc.

2.3. Financial reporting

2.3.1. Coordinate with President to advise on agenda related items and whether potential cash flow issues exist.

2.3.2. Create and distribute monthly FINANCIAL reports to the board and your CLC Consultant each month.

2.3.3. Filing with IRS and following general accounting principles.

2.4. Writing checks

2.4.1. Checks ready to be mailed. Checks are written/prepared and taken to board meeting or chapter meeting for necessary signatures then mailed. Date may vary from month to month depending on meeting schedule. When no meetings are scheduled, prepared checks are mailed to necessary officers for signature and forwarded to recipient.

3. Membership (Dawn)

3.1. Recruiting

3.1.1. Build the list of NSA national non St. Louis members in Microsoft Excel. Sell member benefits http://nsastl.com/members Attend meetings http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1686042254

3.1.2. Invite all non-chapter member NSA members to attend monthly program.

3.1.3. Build the list of aspiring non member speakers in Microsoft Excel. Join NSA Academy http://nsastl.com/guests Attend meetings http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1686042254

3.1.4. Make personal contact with ALL first time guests and national members (who are not chapter members) who attended the monthly program.

3.1.5. Send membership application and member benefits email to guests at last program.

3.2. Retaining

3.2.1. Build the list NSA St. Louis members in Microsoft Excel. Remind of member benefits http://nsastl.com/members Attend meetings http://www.eventbrite.com/org/1686042254 Pay or renew dues http://nsastl.com/members

3.2.2. Build the list of board members/leadership into Microsoft Excel sheet.

3.3. Reporting

3.3.1. Create and distribute monthly MEMBERSHIP reports to the board and your CLC Consultant each month (program attendance broken out by member/apprentice/guest as well as new members/apprentices who have joined and past due renewals).

3.3.2. Provide the Board a monthly list (with phone & email) of NSA National Members in your chapter area who are not current chapter members.

3.3.3. Update chapter contact database (ACT, Constant Contact, etc) with new or expired members, apprentices, and guests. Also correct any updated contact info within two days of each chapter program.

4. Public Relations (Kelly)

4.1. Use Meetup group to advertise upcoming meetings and recruit new attendees and members.

4.2. Social Media

4.2.1. Twitter Use Tweetadder to recruit new attendees and members. Use Twitter search to recruit new attendees and members. Use Twitter lists to engage members and guests about attending meetings and successes.

4.2.2. Linkedin Use Linkedin to find other professional speakers to recruit new attendees and members.

4.2.3. Facebook page Tag members in updates mentioning their successes, online content, and membership activity. Post photos of members during events.

4.3. Media relations

4.3.1. Provide program information to all strategic partners and media to encourage publicity. Also post event to CraigsList, CVB site, chamber events, community calendar, etc. Email event information to ASTD, MPI, CVB, and other sister associations.

5. President (Doug)

5.1. Take medication

5.2. Establish of job descriptions, schedule accountabilities and deadlines.

5.3. Provide recognition, awards, and highlight volunteers in their involvement.

5.4. Post President's Message to the blog.

5.5. Establish Google Hangout board meetings

5.6. Meet presenter for breakfast. Collect expense reimbursement envelope/invoice so Treasurer can process payment quickly. Send on to Treasurer that same day.

5.7. Ask president to customize quick Thank You note message after program.

5.8. Send thank you note to presenter--Have President and available board members pre-sign all cards at retreat so there are no delays. Ask president to customize a message after the program.

5.9. Add member videos to YouTube Playlist to rotate membership

6. Marketing (Josh Hawkins)

6.1. Email

6.1.1. Conduct paper or SurveyMonkey-type evaluation of each chapter program.

6.1.2. Build the auto-responder campaigns in Mailchimp. Aspiring speakers Membership benefit campaign

6.1.3. Send the meeting announcements from Eventbrite from Mailchimp.

6.1.4. Send thanks for attending and event recaps from blog post and member benefits from Mailchimp.

6.1.5. Upload Microsoft Excel lists provided by membership.

6.1.6. Send thanks for coming email to all Members and apprentices.

6.1.7. Email program recap with a highlight or two and the program details for next chapter program to all members, apprentices, guests, and entire email list from Mailchimp.

6.2. Blog

6.2.1. Increase conversion rates from meeting invites into registrations.

6.2.2. Increase traffic and SEO to the NSA blog.

6.3. Write and submit a monthly blog post to educate the business community, encourage program attendance, and recruit members.