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Father's Nature by Mind Map: Father's Nature
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Father's Nature



Front of Album

Back Part of Album

...It is finished

What are the next actions on the current independent components?

I have written, revised and recorded

I have gotten mastered

I have gotten engineered

I have added effects to

I have finished the back of the album artwork

I have removed the album from iTunes

I have submitted to RapZilla the album cover song and the Yeshua Music Video

What is the next determined action in order to complete the planning phase if there is more planning required?

What should be done next and who should do it?


God's Attributes


God's Names












Abba Father, I won't bother to rap unless You really are present and Your Presence is on the Track, Let every sentence reverence You who grew to be the entity in whom I trust and agree with He's equipped me so quickly come get the lamp for your feet, you'll need it so you won't be defeated, you need to remember you're seated in Heaven generously given salvation Ephesians one seven His plan for man regardless of nationality is to bring them to a place where they can see His face far above all rule and authority and power and dominon and every name that is named  in Heaven Ephesians 1:7  with favor and mercy bestowed Adopted by the almighty given every spiritual blessing Aption is no option is your only way in must be free from sin must be made new in Him, He gathered your debt and paid the cost on the cross verse 7, Ephesians Chapter One, You're adopted and co-heirs with God's only son and when the games done we're destined To Reign cause the lamb was slain like when Cain killed Able to Him whose more than able to do above and beyond he cut out all of the sin like photoshop magic wand. our claim is valid only because of His Name listen to the crowd in the cloud watching you proudly cheer loudly I found what you've been looking for here it is kids ethe spirit of adption is no option if your only way in took the s revealed it Whatever bad your dad did just forgive it I break off the Orphan Spirit frogs turning into princes, ribbit, adoption is no option it's your only way in, must be born again to be free from  sin   it's cold out there but its warm within its your ticket and your key no hoppin hitchhikin must be free from sin metal detector at an airport taking off your shoes at an airport giving your ticket at an airport It's time for a spirit of adoption to replace the orphan spirit so you can truly see His face Repent and believe so you too can receive God's Grace He found me, born into the world cause dad had his girl without him there would be no you, and without sin you'd Have a clear view of what the perfect Father looks like It would be nice if He gave us some kind of book right? another fathers job reaps the fathers blessing, you get blessings for children. Sparked the flame and started to keep the candle lit or left ya catching your breath thinkin you could handle it. they guarded your heart or decided to trample it but the fact is you couldn't take life and decide to sample it Father's Day turns so many head away because to so many the image of Dad has been ripped to shreds, cause many were alcoholics or coke-heads, Some beat their kids over their head til blood shed Some were never there, Some were there but didnt care Real father's spend time with you, and ask themselves What Would Jesus Do? cause Jesus said I am in the Father and the Father is in Me They are Kind to you, know what I mean They speak what's true, they provide emotional support too and discipline, to keep you out of court and away from sin They don't shove you or frustrate you They encourage your dreams and liberate you They always love you and never hate you They share their Wisdom with you because they predate you God said He was the Father He said it for a reason He's the perfect dad, in and out of every season God said He was the Father He said it for a reason He's the perfect dad, in and out of every season God said He was the Father He said it for a reason He's the perfect dad, in and out of every season There once was a boy not long ago, who had no hope and was all alone he was an orphan with no home of his own sleeping on the streets was all he had ever known one day along came a king who had no heir to the throne he looked at the boy with pity and took him home, a greater dad none could be found the boy grew up and received his own crown and that's the story of those born of the Spirit God is calling you quiet down, do you hear it? A father's role is to be a bodyguard for their child's soul like an author that gives the reader control constantly providing the bread to see the child full They pay the trolls saying do not pass on their kids bridges the kids grow up and then their role switches you take their name, then you get your own ship set sail & take the mane







Remember your creator whether old or young For in time the day will come when pleasure won't satisfy don't trade the truth for a lie Oh, do you not know, have you not heard? Jesus stopped by, and dropped off the Bird so now we can please Him now we can see Him can't you see? The Artistry? The beauty all around you and me Can't deny theres an artist not even if you tried your hardest He's always on call, available when you need Him He won't ever let you fall, stand tall and believe Him Get filled with the Spirit, receive Him don't grieve Him the Word is God, go ahead and read Him