Father's Nature

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Father's Nature by Mind Map: Father's Nature

1. Graphics

1.1. Inspiration

1.1.1. Jewels of the High Priest

1.2. Front of Album

1.2.1. I'd like to put the title of the Album having the Abba Father or something in Hebrew on the front of it looking really cryptic and cool

1.3. Back Part of Album

1.3.1. Father's Nature Questions Dr Ben Gigi Robert Carl Kiana Rheuclydon What would it take to finish this and have it ready for the show? Songs Abba Agape Shalom Yeshua El Shaddai Hakkadosh Fathers Love Rap Collaborations Rheuclydon Carl Agape Catalina Questions Dr Ben Gigi Robert Carl Kiana Rheuclydon What would it take to finish this and have it ready for the show?

1.3.2. http://www.purechristianrap.com/albumgraphics/AlbumBack.psd

2. ...It is finished

2.1. What are the next actions on the current independent components?

2.1.1. Writing the Lyrics doing the full question sheets for the song, going through the flocabulary and asking the right questions for the songs and the elements and taking what I have and implementing those principles

2.1.2. Identifying the Beats

2.1.3. Creating the Projects for Power Prayer Album along with Prophetic Album along with the Power Prayer Network and making $ through Christian Conferences and promoting the stuff and the websites there. As well as perhaps even making a booth with Make Your Website Today for Free! Building the website finding the jpgs and putting it all together for them right there at the conference

2.1.4. Creating the Video Messages for the people to collaborate with

2.1.5. Raising the funds for the Advertising and finding out all of the arenas for it and gathering the mind-maps and questions to answer for marketing

2.1.6. Creating the Christian Rap Song process

2.1.7. Scheduling the Studio Time for sure

2.1.8. putting together the lyrics from before and the freestyles and seeing if any are salvageable

2.1.9. going through the scriptures again for the names and adding it together like the fathers nature album that i had before on the names of God

2.1.10. creating the mind-map of the Father's Nature album and featuring it on the website

2.1.11. doing an image stream for the website and going through the other artists websites again and piecing together the elements that I want on there on the site

2.1.12. Getting the cut out of me to look even better

2.1.13. putting the full gospel message on my stuff

2.1.14. getting the application working again and making a custom one perhaps someone on fiverr

2.1.15. finding the tasks that i can delegate and finding the people who can do them

2.1.16. reviewing the visions and making sure i have all of the action steps

2.1.17. removing everything from reverb nation

2.1.18. finishing the road to emmaus website

2.1.19. scheduling a tour in africa contacting heidi baker getting the laughrica shirts out of there

2.1.20. getting the shaloha shirts fully made and printed out and using the same photoshop shoping cart as the jay harris guy\

2.1.21. fixing my phone so it can take pictures and tether the internet so that i have clear internet at all giving times

2.2. I have written, revised and recorded

2.2.1. Shaddai

2.3. I have gotten mastered

2.3.1. the entire album IDK the guy who sent me the msg, maybe craigslist? 2AM til then... also get the bomb liquid..

2.4. I have gotten engineered

2.4.1. Yeshua

2.4.2. I have received the audio from Joshua Aaron

2.4.3. I have sent the audios to Eric Garfias to engineer the song and to Freddy

2.5. I have added effects to

2.5.1. each of the songs after listening to them and mapping out when I could do it

2.6. I have finished the back of the album artwork

2.6.1. I have found the image that Dr. Ben Gigi sent me

2.7. I have removed the album from iTunes

2.7.1. I have gone into ReverbNation and removed the album. https://www.reverbnation.com/subscription/subscribe_from_cart/artist_1022008 They want me to pay $30 to take it down..

2.8. I have submitted to RapZilla the album cover song and the Yeshua Music Video

2.8.1. I have recorded the Yeshua Music Video I have sent the song to Flip Gucci and got his recommendations I have shot some videos with Flip Gucci I have added in scenes from Joshua Aaron's video

2.9. What is the next determined action in order to complete the planning phase if there is more planning required?

2.9.1. Prioritize each actions and decide which ones I am doing today, tomorrow, and this week.

2.9.2. Use the Creative Thinking Questions on how can I do this faster and how can I do this effectively, or whatever questions they have and answer the questions about each song individually.

2.9.3. Include the Key Elements here: Video I am happily uploading the completed, upgraded, Yahweh Music Video which has a different girl in it. I am gladly looking at the finished Yeshua Music Video including scenes from Israel I am gladly watching the filmed version of the Abba song including God speaking and rapping and the voice changed I am happily looking at the Lyrical Versions of the songs on the album like Toby Mac's without you Promotion I am gladly giving the updated version to Music Distribution Inc as well as taking the album down from ReverbNation and releasing it through Nimbit. I am happily paying RapZilla for a week on the front page and coordinating the efforts with all of the other avenues, they are all mapped out as well as three or more other maps pertaining to promotion specifically on the Father's Nature Album. I am happily watching the video of rapping with Todd White as a promo showcasing the Father of Lights asking if they liked that to get the Album Audio I am joyfully in the studio tomorrow finishing three full song vocals I am happily listening to the full mastered album I am joyfully finished with the lyrics and ready to record them. Yeshua is finished with Joshua Aaron's vocals in there Performances International National Valuable Visions Created and Ready for Use Youth Social Network Power Prayer Accounts Christian Facebook with Links to all of the other Networks at the Top People Artists Beat Makers Booking Agents Syndicators Graphics Album Mixtape Cover including the song titles on it USB Sticker Website

2.9.4. I want to... make sure each of the elements is put together put together all of the action steps on the Priority Matrix sync the priority matrix with the power prayers sync the whole ipad get all the audios on the external and utililze some of those for the lyrics prepare for lyric writing book the recording studio time work on one song at a time, putting 40 minutes into each of the songs that I want to do and timeboxing it. taking 20 minute breaks and thinking about it creatively.

2.9.5. write it all out like I am, and then set a time for it like starting backwards from tonight. I am jubialntly finished with the lyrics for Father's Nature I am happily satisfied with the beats we picked out for each of the songs. I am happily looking at the video board we created for the music video scenes I am gladly receiveing the audios from the artists that I chose to work with. I am gladly integrating Misty Edwards song into the Agape lyrics on her love stuff. I am gladly taking down all images and things not godly on my facebook and have put a link to my artist facebook on the Eric Hans Schaefer page. I am happily adding thousands of Facebook Likes and putting everything together for the big release I am glad I looked back through everything and printed it all out and kept it in a folder and mind-=mapped on the back of it.

2.10. What should be done next and who should do it?

2.10.1. Waiting For feedback lyrics

2.10.2. Beats for the Album Strategy Give him the ones that I have, find a way to put it all in the drop box and a place online where they can listen to each of them and finding out which ones i should use for the album Creating clear directions for each person and putting a monetized value on it downloading Mindjet Manager and importing this in there, getting outside and working out and doing those stretching exercises and adding this to each of the hearts desires for the big picture and adding in all of the stuff from the making things work after it' downloaded into the evernote folders and into the Mindjet Manager Calling the mindjet peoplke and getting a working serial for the program shaving People Freddy Eric Garfias Justin Evan Organizations ChristianBeats.com

2.10.3. Chorus' for the Songs This would be a key to perhaps work with other artists who already have lyrics for the songs and the chorosuses already made, like working with Joshua aaron that was a successful one and finding other messianic artists who want to be on there as well finding out which ones i should connect iwth and giving them the vision and putting it together I could also contact Cohen and ask him if I can utilize some of the stuff from his album, and feature that album on the site as well, some how... put that on the eternal ruler records list or using some of the choruses for his songs and remixing it

2.10.4. Collaborations with other artists The sole idea for this isn't just to pawn off writing lyrics but to forge relationships with established artists to ride ont he ir wake and absorb a bit of their fanbase to eahch then the things that i ahve and to really showcase the youth netowrk on the website and make that apparent along with the He Reigns Christna Network with the Christian Facebook and the afreuted networks on there pointing them to one to make th eprofil eon, and then having a signurlar profile that they can sign up under, and getting the several different nins loointop notche and optimizing for each one. Giving them the demographics on which to signup for. also featuring bofdy members integration on there and using the agriya script contacting them and geting that owrking on the site

2.10.5. Lyrics I can review the lyrics from this rap book and look at flocabulary and i can also gather lyrics from the christian hymnal book based on the songs and take those messages for each fo the songs and work on a verse at a time i can freestyle with the map of the thing out with the mesages and the synonyms i could use freestyling that all in there, and thne i can go through the verse and talk with John about ti and ask them to look overthe verses and upgrade it, like Hakkadosh gathering the ret o the lyrics from the ipad and putting it all in and getting it all ready to go with the different verses.

2.10.6. Recording Adonai is the one that is set The other stuff like Elohim and Yahweh and Olam well they don't need to be re-recorded, but the Olam stuff i need to get the original files and i need to add filters on there as well as adding the adlibs I also need to put together the message for Agape and really capture the message there and add something about the sheep feeding and the lamb feeding an exhortation at the end I want to also get the delivery down for the specific things and the flow and taking Mike's suggestion and perhaps going to do a fater rap doing that with Hakkadosh but using tha tprue pressure beat athat richie sent me and asking him if he has any more beats for me to use forthe album as well as to help with the Cross Eyed album and choosing the beats for that, but that means doing the whole project planning process for that.

2.10.7. graphics I can contact people on Fiverr to do something and i can contact Dr Ben Gigi to get the songs that I want and identify the songs that i want and I can

2.11. Do

2.11.1. 50,000ft Questions What is the ultimate intention for this? What are the standards for this goals' success? Why are we doing this? What are the critical behaviors? Frequency Formats Off-sites with partners, board, team, family; initial discussions for launching projects, meetings, whole enterprises, life planning

2.11.2. 40,000ft Questions What are the ideal scenarios? What are the long-term outcomes? What will it look, sound, and feel like with successful implementation? Formats Annual revising of enterprise direction, ideal scene development, personal treasure maps. Frequency Whenever additional clarity, direction, alignment, and motivation are needed.

2.11.3. 30,000ft Questions What do we want and need to accomplish? Specifically, within the next 12-24 months, to make this vision happen?

2.11.4. 20,000ft What are the important spheres of work and life to be maintained at standards to keep the engines running? The habits need to be established I need to make sure I'm eating every three hours and I'm eating according to that God Diet Book I want to make sure I have the big picture of all of the Destiny Calling and plan it all out like this at least one thing a day and I want to complete the project planning for all of the albums I want to do specicially Cross Eyed, Power Prayer and the Prophetic Release

2.11.5. 10,000ft What are the outcomes we want to achieve that require more than one action and which can be completed within a year? Power Prayer Album Just Us Album Prophetic Album International Tour of over 200 Venues in One Year

2.11.6. Runway What are the next physical, visible actions to take on any project or other outcome? Writing the Messages of the Lyrics, the point is revealing God's Will and God's Character, not necessarily just turning the scriptures into lyrics. There needs to be a moral of the song, God is this... God is like this... God does this... This is how God does things... What are the single actions to take about anything? Create the Messages of the Songs based on what I just realized above Identify the Beats for the Lyrics Do the Income Snowball Tasks incase I need to talk to pay people to do these things Identify what i want to pay who and for what do a visionboard for the music videos create the video messages asking for collaboration and offering a lump sum of money or percentages and writing contracts fo rthem to fill out Talking with the artists on my current songs Talking with established artists about doing remixes with the songs and identifying whats going to be on the deluxe album

3. God's Attributes

3.1. Attributes

3.1.1. Accessible Confession Lord, I have not taken full advantage of the access that You have given me to You. Please forgive me for not praying often enough, for not looking to You for everything, for not even wanting to come to You when You have made Yourself available every moment of the day. I have been negligent and am truly sorry and repent.

3.1.2. Creator Confession I at times fail to worship You as the Creator of everything that is. In spite of the evidence in the Heavens and on Earth, I often forget that You made it all. Forgive me for not trusting You in the little things, and for not being faithful in the small things. I know You are able to do anything You will to do. Forgive me for not thanking You for creating me just the way You did.

3.1.3. Eternal Confession Forgive me, Lord for sometimes forgetting that You are eternal and for not thanking You for Your eternal love for me. I also waste much time on things that are not of eternal value. Cleanse my life of such things, reminding me that I will live with you forever! Therefore, it matters what I do now. I must use these days in preparation for eternity.

3.1.4. Faithful Confession O Lord, You have always been faithful to me, but I have not always been faithful to You. I have not always trusted You to be faithful even though you have proved yourself to me again and again. Please forgive me for my lack of trust in who You are and what You can and will do.

3.1.5. Father Confession Dear Father, I have not loved You as my Father every moment. I have not always recognized nor thanked You for all that You have done for me as a loving Father. Neither have I always been a good friend to those in my circle of influence. Please forgive me and cause me to come frequently to You for Your loving care, and then extend that care to my family and friends.

3.1.6. Glory Confession Too often I forget that my life is to be lived for Your glory, and I take the glory for something rather than give it to you. Neither have I always glorified You with my witness and words. Forgive me for thinking too much of myself and too little of your magnificent glory!

3.1.7. Good Confession Dear Lord, because You are good You give good gifts. You have satisfied me with so many good things, and I often fail to acknowledge them or give thanks to You. Forgive my ingratitude and my presumption upon Your grace to me. Often I have doubted Your good will. I think of you as a prohibitive God instead of a good gracious God. Please forgive me.

3.1.8. Gracious Confession O God, You are SO gracious and I don't always recognize it. Forgive me when I am so self-centered that I don't appreciate that everything comes from Your grace. I have done nothing worthwhile on my own; everything is from You. I have not always acknowledged that, and even when I do, I want to think that I deserve a little of it. Please forgive me.

3.1.9. Guide Confession I sometimes go my own way, even though I know that You are the perfect guide. Forgive me, Lord, for not looking to You for guidance in every area of my life. It is wrong and just plain stupid not to ask You guidance when You so graciously make it available. I repent and trust Your Holy Spirit to prompt me to pray for guidance every day!

3.1.10. Holy Confession Lord, I confess that I am anything but holy. Forgive me when I have not sought holiness through the power of your Holy Spirit. You command me to be holy because you are holy, and that command is good for me -- I want to be like you, seriously. You have said that knowledge of you as holy is true understanding, so please help me know you better as the Holy One.

3.1.11. Impartial Confession Your ways are not my ways -- how true that is in regard to impartiality. I confess that I am frequently partial to those who do things for me or to those whom I like better than others. You are not partial to anyone. At times I've wanted to make you partial to me, but trying to do so is wrong; you love all people and need no one to do anything for you. Please forgive me and help me to look at others from your viewpoint.

3.1.12. Immutable Confession Lord, I confess that at times I don't want you to be immutable. I want you to change your laws so that I can do what I want without being guilty of sin. I'm foolish enough to think that if I wait long enough you might change something. Please forgive me for not thanking you enough that you do not change and for the security that your immutability gives to me and this world.

3.1.13. Incomprehensible Confession Lord, at times I try to find you outside of Jesus Christ. Forgive me for attempting to know you by looking within instead of trusting you to reveal yourself to me through Christ in the Scriptures

3.1.14. Infinite Confession Lord, my thoughts about you are too small. I confess that I look at my circumstances without consideration that You are infinite, and that You know, perform, and love without limit. Forgive me for my shortsightedness.

3.1.15. Invisible Confession Forgive me, Lord, for doubting your presence just because I cannot see you. I too often do what I want, not considering you, because you are invisible to my human eyes. I have not even appreciated that you are apparent in creation and, especially, in your written Word. I repent and will look for You in everything.

3.1.16. Jealous Confession Lord, I confess that I am constantly putting things and others before you. I worship idols more than I even realize. I go to others for help when I have you to go to. Moreover, I use your name in ways I should not. I repent of these sins that I commit again and again, and I will take the help that comes from Your Holy Spirit!

3.1.17. Just Confession Lord, I confess that I have at times doubted your justice. So many things seem to be wrong, and I become impatient and discouraged as I look at the world. On the other hand I don't want you to be just with me, because I deserve death and more. I want you to be merciful to me but just with others. Forgive me for my selfish thinking.

3.1.18. Long-Suffering Confession O Lord, I have presumed upon your patience. Forgive me for being so slow to repent when you have been so tolerant and kind to me. Through the power of your Spirit, help me to repent quickly and daily for those things that are sinful in my life. Help me, too, to become more kind and patient with others.

3.1.19. Love Confession O Lord, I have so often asked you to show your love to me, even though your love has been revealed in Scripture. Forgive me for not reading or listening to the Bible thoroughly desperately desiring to hear Your voice, and for those times when I've read it and not paid attention to it or believed it. I have failed to appreciate that there is no greater expression of love than when you became a human and experienced the worst pain any human could experience and died for me. Dear God I thank You for Your love.

3.1.20. Merciful Confession Lord, your mercies are new every morning. But I am so little like You, help me to live an ideal day each day. I show very little mercy to others, while I expect you to show your mercy to me all the time. Please forgive me for my lack of mercy. And forgive me for not being more grateful for the mercy You have extended to me in Jesus Christ

3.1.21. Omnipotent Confession Lord, please forgive me for not trusting Your power to do anything You desire. So often my conception of You has been too small. I have not asked you to do things that I consider impossible. Please cause me to ask for BIG THINGS and trust that if they are in Your plan that You will do them for Your glory.

3.1.22. Omnipresent Confession Lord, forgive me when I think I am alone. You are always near wherever I am, but I forget that. You also care for all people and are with all your children in any place. I ignore that often also, thinking that I must be there to help others when you can manage their lives perfectly well. Forgive my arrogance.

3.1.23. Omniscient Confession Lord, You know the way I take. Forgive me for not resting in that. You know my future and will lead me where I need to go. Forgive me for not resting in that. You also know my sins and have covered me with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Forgive me for not thanking You every day for that.

3.1.24. Perfect Confession Lord, You are perfect in all that you say and do, but I confess that I often question what you say and what you do. Please forgive me. You have told me that I am to be perfect even as you perfect, and I fall so short of the mark. Usually I don't try or even think about it until after I have done something wrong. Please help me for Your sake.

3.1.25. Preserver Confession Lord, I confess that frequently I think of you as something other than a Person. Help me to realize that you are personal and care for me even when I do not acknowledge you.

3.1.26. Provider Confession Lord, please forgive me for not always looking to You for my provision. I have tired to get what I need from others or do things for myself. You have always been there to provide for me, but I have not always trusted You to do so. You give me all that I need, and You are all that I need. Forgive me for not thanking You for Your faithful provision.

3.1.27. Righteous Confession Lord, when I meditate on your righteousness, I realize how far short I fall. Forgive me for my self-righteousness and for thinking for even a moment that my self-righteousness is true righteousness. Self-righteousness is pride, and I confess that I am full of it. I repent and will from this day forward seek only the practical righteousness that comes from living in obedience to You. Please forgive me, too, for not thanking You daily for the righteousness of Jesus Christ that You have freely given me in Your grace.

3.1.28. Savior Confession Lord, I have not sacrificed many thank offerings to You for the salvation You have extended to me in Your grace. Forgive me. So many times You have saved me from the world, the flesh, and the Devil, and I have not even been aware of it. Forgive me. Lord, there have been many times when I haven't trusted that you would save me, so I didn't even ask, therefore forfeiting the grace and empowerment that could have been mine. Forgive me. Mostly, forgive me for not considering deeply what it cost Jesus to save me!

3.1.29. Sovereign Confession Forgive me, Lord, for wanting to be sovereign over myself! Instead of wanting You to be sovereign, I have wanted my own way, acting as if I have a right to my own life. I have rebelled against Your authority, and I repent, joyously accepting that You are my Master.

3.1.30. Wise Confession Lord, forgive me for relying upon my own wisdom when Yours is readily available. I ask for it, now and forever. I have not always sought Your guidance. I ask for it, now and forever. I have frequently looked to the world for counsel instead of looking into Your Word, please help me to have the habit of seeking Your counsel and Yours alone. I repent and ask You to help me look only to You for all the Wisdom that I will ever need.

4. God's Names

4.1. Hakkadosh

4.1.1. Scripture The Lord has made bare His holy arm before the eyes of all the nations [revealing Himself as the One by Whose direction the redemption of Israel from captivity is accomplished], and all the ends of the earth shall witness the salvation of our God. (Isaiah 52:10) O SING to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have wrought salvation for Him. (Psalm 98:1)

4.1.2. Definition As the Holy One (hakkadosh), YHVH is utterly unique, distinct, sacred, and set apart as the only One of its kind. He alone is worthy of true worship and adoration, since He alone is utterly peerless, without rival, and stands in relation to the world as Creator and Lord. Yes, only the Lord is infinitely and eternally Other -- known to Himself as "I AM THAT I AM" (Exo. 3:15). To say that God is holy is to affirm that He is uniquely to be hallowed as utterly sacred. The Holy One. The One set apart as utterly perfect and unique, utterly transcending the realm of the finite, the fallen, and the imperfect. Only God is worthy of worship, for He alone is holy.

4.2. Olam

4.2.1. Scripture Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba and called there on the name of the Lord, the Eternal God. (Genesis 21:33) So trust in the Lord (commit yourself to Him, lean on Him, hope confidently in Him) forever; for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock [the Rock of Ages]. (Isaiah 26:4) But the Lord is the true God and the God of truth (the God Who is Truth). He is the living God and the everlasting King. At His wrath the earth quakes, and the nations are not able to bear His indignation. (Jeremiah 10:10)

4.2.2. Definition El is another name that is translated as "God" and can be used in conjunction with other words to designate various aspects of God's character. Olam derives from the root word 'lm (which means "eternity"). Olam literally means "forever," "eternity," or "everlasting". When the two words are combined — El Olam — it can be translated as "The Eternal God." [ho] theos [ho] aiônios — the everlasting God

4.3. Abba

4.3.1. Scripture "I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians 6:18) "Our God and Father" (Galatians 1:4; 1 Thessalonians 1:3; 3:11) and "our Lord and Father" (James 3:9, KJV "God, even the Father"). Paul sees unity in "one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all" (Ephesians 4:6). Often we see the phrase "God the Father," sometimes to distinguish him from "Jesus Christ" and sometimes standing alone (Galatians 1:1; Ephesians 5:20; 6:23; Colossians 3:17; 1 Corinthians 15:24; Jude 1), while sometimes "Father" appears alone (2 Corinthians 6:18; Ephesians 3:14). While Paul and Peter tend to modify Father in some way, such as, "God the Father," in John's Letter, "the Father" usually stands alone (1 John 1:21; 2:13, 15-16, 22-23; 3:1; 4:14; 2 John 9). In Revelation, Father is used three times to distinguish between Jesus and the Father (Revelation 1:6; 3:5; 14:1). "Jesus answered, "'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.' Philip said, 'Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.' Jesus answered: 'Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.'" (John 14:6-10) "In that day you will ask in my name. I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf. No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. I came from the Father and entered the world; now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father." (John 16:26-28) "Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ." (Romans 1:7; 1 Corinthians 1:3; 2 Corinthians 1:2; Galatians 1:3; Ephesians 1:2; Philippians 1:2; cf. Colossians 1:2; 1 Thessalonians 1:1; 2 Thessalonians 1:1; Titus 1:4; 2 John 3.)

4.3.2. Definition Jesus is trying to heal and bring wholeness to both men and women who have been wounded by their human fathers. Jesus is trying to help you and me know a Father who loves us and will not do us harm, a Father who will not slap us around, but will encircle us in his arms and let us feel his love, a Father who will not let you go. My dear friend, Jesus wants to reintroduce you to his Father, to your Father, so that you might be whole -- spiritually and emotionally. Reclaim your birthright to know and enjoy and love Abba as your Father. Perhaps that is why you are reading this today. Perhaps this will be the frontier of your quest for God over the next few weeks and months. Biblical Definiton "In the patriarchal societies of antiquity, the father figure is endowed with two particular characteristics. On the one hand, the father rules as head of the household and the person to whom most respect is due, having absolute authority over his family. On the other hand, he has the responsibility of guarding, supporting, and helping the other members. Both these characteristics are also present when a deity is described or addressed as father." "... Abbā as a form of address to one's father was no longer restricted to children, but also used by adult sons and daughters. The childish character of the word ("daddy") thus receded, and abbā acquired the warm, familiar ring which we may feel in such an expression as "dear father." God is Father of the nation, of the people. I make this point to accentuate how new and different was Jesus' revelation of God as Father -- his Father, Abba, our Father, the Father we can pray to.

4.4. Adonai

4.4.1. Scripture Three times in the year shall all your males appear before the Lord God, the God of Israel. (Exodus 34:23) You shall not use or repeat the name of the Lord your God in vain [that is, lightly or frivolously, in false affirmations or profanely]; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain. (Exodus 20:7)

4.4.2. Definition Adonai is the verbal parallel to Yahweh and Jehovah. Adonai is plural; the singular is adon. In reference to God the plural Adonai is used. When the singular adon is used, it usually refers to a human lord. Adon is used 215 times to refer to men. Occasionally in Scripture and predominantly in the Psalms, the singular adon is used to refer to God as well (cf. Exd 34:23). To avoid contravening the commandment "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain" (Exd 20:7), sometimes Adonai was used as a substitute for Yahweh (YHWH). Adonai can be translated literally as, "my lords' " (both plural and possessive).

5. Songs

5.1. Yahweh

5.1.1. Lyrics Intro God was called Yahweh Yahweh occurs over 6800 times and it means I AM this is expressive of the fact that God is eternal with no beginning or end, the alpha and omega. God is the source of all being and He is.. the necessary being Chorus God is the Source Origin of Reality God is the forcethat holds up the galaxies through His cross on Calvary yeah yeah He gave us immortality yeah yeah Verse 1 He is He's a universe maker and a heart former Definitely not a bench warmer As I look into space, I cannot see a trace of the Human race only God's face God's grace Alpha and Omega Better genesis than Sega A million earths can fit inside the Son But Zeus, Pele, Buddha not one. are like the lion of Judah Jehovah just look at a supernova *supernova* we're in the most special place of the universe but some day it will all disperse we are but a vapor, tiny and frail It's like we're blind trying read braile *where am I?* Chorus God is the Source Origin of Reality God is the forcethat holds up the galaxies through His cross on Calvary yeah yeah He gave us immortality yeah yeah Verse 2 We are fashioned and formed in the image of God don't be uninformed you are not flawed you are special so incredible don't forget your nothing short of a miracle don't give up because you're almost there * almost there* guess what? You are God's heir *God's Heir and it was for you that Jesus laid down His life to pave the way to spend life with Him all night and day He spoke and it came to be *LET THERE BE LIGHT* there's reality He looks from Heaven, deep into our heart we're all like actors tryna play out part The One who watches the humans race who's intimately acquainted with all of the crevices on our face His eyes are on those who fear Him to deliver them from the snares and all of their worries and cares over them His angels hover in the air Chorus God is the Source Origin of Reality God is the forcethat holds up the galaxies through His cross on Calvary yeah yeah He gave us immortality yeah yeah Verse 3 Outro We are each completely unique, there's only one of you, and you're perfect just the way you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, by Yahweh Chorus

5.1.2. Beat

5.1.3. Ideas Music Video Cameo Scenes

5.2. Yeshua

5.2.1. Beat 1 2

5.2.2. Lyrics Intro Verse 1 Everyone everywhere has the knowledge of God Oddly they reject Him, It's like they collect sin No One who does good, not one no exception, Aside from the Death Burial and Resurrection We would not be recipients of God's affection Yeshua made a way of salvation for all nations And Without sin He resisted Satan's temptations He made a blood Donation, spiritual starvation No longer occurs when You hear these Words of the Messiah, expect truth cause he's not a liar Came not to bring peace but the Sword and Fire The King can't be impeached and He wont retire Without faith in Yeshua your situation is dire it's what it Takes to not end up in lake of fire Just say Messiah I call out Your Name, Yeshua Chorus Verse 2 yeshua the Son of Man and the Prince of Peace It seemed as if He was Beat but He did Not Retreat, His test became a testimony as He conquered Death He lived His God Given Destiny so He had no regret Now he's wearing a white robe, judging fair round the globe with white hair, separating the wheat from the tares, answering our prayers and removing the snares With Feet of Bronze He's the King, we're the pawns From the Dawn of Time you've been on His Mind, Came to find the Father's Lost Sons and Daughters Demons don bother cause they know it'd be slaughter He holds the seven stars and his voice is many waters may day may day the ship is going to wreck Evangelism is mandatory so all hands on deck The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few Heard God's Word? Now it's time to go and do. Chorus Verse 3 Bread of Life please release your Light to give Sight to the Blind He's in front not behind, oh so Kind The Righteous Branch yea He's Holier than Thou Through faith in Christ you too can be holy now. He's the true Vine, the Lily and the Rose of Sharon He's on my mind all the time because He's carrying Me, He's the Alpha and Omega yeah the A to the Z He's the Hope for the hopeless and all of the needy Yeshua is my Savior and on top of that He's a friend The Church is his bride, n' He'll take her in the end The Chief cornerstone, who God decided to send So we could live a life of truth no need to pretend The fullness of the father so we could be friends So he could share a story evena child comprehends Outro

5.2.3. Ideas Increase the HA after retire Add the chorus from Yeshua is Your Name Make sure to fix the last partt voice of God Re record the last bit with more emphasis Add a filter to my voice

5.2.4. I want... to load up the Yeshua song and structure it in the Reaper and re-record the last verse. then do the same thing to the Elohim song and the Elah song. to go to Eric Garfias' and mix it together and re-record that piece there becauase he has hands on stuff with it

5.2.5. Studio Time 20 Minutes El Shaddai 40 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 10 Minutes Freestyles x2

5.3. Olam

5.3.1. Lyrics Intro Olam derives from the root word 'lm (which means "eternity"). When the two words are combined — El Olam — it can be translated as "The Eternal God." Chorus Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be Verse 1 God counts sheep, but not because He's tired, He does not sleep He's not retired, not six feet deep, he's not a liar, He does not cheat His Word is Sure, it's so secure, it will endure, it is the cure, if your unsure, let's take the grand tour, I stand cured, I am sure He planned eternity for you, me and humanity to be set free from time, free from crime, the constant climb, and the battle of maintaining, like a bathtub being filled while it's draining, the main thing and the moral of the story is God is limitless and ageless, he's the author of the book we're inside of the pages Chorus Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be Verse 2 We live forever somewhere, do you care about where you might be Hell is not a place you wanna go to sight see, how do I explain, Well, let's see, have you ever been held under by a wave at sea, Ever been shocked by electricity, imagine going through surgery without pain killers in your IV fluid, its your soul you can do whatever you want to to it, but not even novacaine could stop the pain from the constant flame, is that worth it just for you to stay the same? Dangerous, this is not a game to us, its a place where the demons curse and cuss, run wild, and rip flesh apart with a smile, child, let's check the alternative, the place to live where everyone loves to give. Chorus Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be Olam, Eternal God, You are and always will be

5.3.2. Beat

5.3.3. Ideas I can get the original audio and add adlibs and ask Garfias to engineer the track and I can get it mastered by that other guy

5.3.4. Observations I've noticed Eric will feel more confident when he is making more money and people are working for him and earning him money.

5.4. Adonai

5.4.1. Beat

5.4.2. Lyrics Intro Now we're going to learn about what Adonai Means Adonai occurs 300 times in the old testament Adon is derived from a Ugaritic word meaning Lord and Father Adonai means Lord, Master, and Owner, a owner is a person who owns a legal possessor, alright lets dig in Chorus God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings Verse 1 Don't even bother to bring burnt offerings cause those don't please Him and only the pure in heart sees Him It's time to go overseas and fish for men the harvest is ready, this is not pretend, can you defend the hope you have? if not, better ask Dad The time is near His word is clear Make disciples Start revivals again... This is not a recital God is the master of all we see and He's obviously got the ability to dispose of all we see so get on His good side Know that He hates pride He's spiritually refreshing Seek His blessing Look... He is the salad, we are the dressing Chorus God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings Verse 2 God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings God is the owner, and the president I'm just a steward, temporary resident He is the Lord, the King of all Kings, He is the Father, we are the offsprings He owns us like we own dogs Is it not odd how dog spelled backwards happens to be God? Don't forget The spirit is His seal and our salvation none can steal We've been invited to be reunited Don't be short-sighted He owns heaven too, I'm excited how about you? There we own property no more poverty it's like we won the lottery we're just pottery He is the potter, living water He's everywhere like a globetrotter Chorus Outro Adonai means Lord, so for heaven's sake, get it straight, need to do His will to get through Heaven's gate... yeah

5.4.3. New node

5.5. Elah

5.5.1. Lyrics Intro Moving on to the next name, Elah, which means the fearful one, as in the one that you should be afraid of, now the bible talks alot about fearing God it also says not to be afraid or discouraged and it also says that perfect love casts out fear. Verse 1 / / - - - - / - / - - - / Fears come in such a variety, like guys with foil - - / / - - - - / - - / - / on their heads saying the governments Tryin to na spy on me - / - / - - / - - - / - - to paranormal activity on the movie screens, - / - - / - / - / - - - / - filled with these nudey scenes and the music with spooky themes - - / - / - - - / - - / / Now freddy's chasin jason turning dreams into night mares - / / / / - / - / - - / / demons don't fight fair but they're scared of the blood that was shed - - / - - - / - - / / - - / Satan's plan is to swing the fear of man like a club to my head. - / - - - - / - - - - - - / - / His voice says don't run to far ahead just to try and slow me down, - - / - - - / - - - - - / - - - thinking his words are so profound, but Im a king without a crown - - - / - - / - - / - - - guided by God's Light with Todd White beat boxin, door opens / - - / - / - - / - / - - / Like I'm a locksmith, didn't think twice, I jumped off the cliff - / / - - - - - / - - / - and He caught me, got me a whole team of mighty men, - / - - - / - - - - / / - - - / and gave me a skilled tongue that's like a ready writer with a pen. Chorus The fear of the LORD's got me reverent thats why I aint every scared I'll even fight the big bad wolf cause I know my God's there. The fear of the LORD's got me reverent thats why I aint every scared I'll even fight the big bad wolf cause I know my God's there. Elah Verse 2 What does it mean fear God, draw near son, Proper adoration God is not an apparition, Listen, am I making myself clear, I'm kicken a new flavor in yer ear, so all these lyrics that you hear and be rearing your thoughts just wanted to make it clear that you've been blood bought, and all that tremblin and shaken played out like parachute pants, God is not a bully here to crush a few ants, if the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then this right here is something you better listen, cause like Bone Crusha I aint never scared, cause fear is not a factor when I'm trompin through the devil's lair my prayer and faith in God's there, Yahweh is my provider so I'm riding in His care, staying true to my perspective on Him, narcissism fall out soldiers of God fall in and call out! Chorus The fear of the LORD's got me reverent thats why I aint every scared I'll even fight the big bad wolf cause I know my God's there. The fear of the LORD's got me reverent thats why I aint every scared I'll even fight the big bad wolf cause I know my God's there. Elah Verse 3 I'm righteous not pious in a relationship with Him draw near start here at fear where wisdom begins Fearing God liberates, while fearing man captivates and holds us captive. active imaginations cause phobias of all different sorts like fear of flying or the fear of forks So how can we be free From the fears that hold you and me, in captivity? By Fearing the Author of Reality Yeah it's kind of a Paradox But don't be set in your ways , think outside of the box Fearing God gives you a clear view, like a cop in your rear view, You obey and feel protected, But Obeying out of Love is Wisdom perfected

5.5.2. Beat

5.6. Abba

5.6.1. Lyrics Intro The Pharisees thought it blasphemy when the Messiah told them to call God Father, or Abba. They knew God as the most fearful being in the universe not as their Daddy. Over the years, the devil has tried to skew and twist the image we have of a father, to give people a false view of God, who said that He is our Father, that's why you see so many fathers failing at their role, all around the world There's a spiritual attack on Father's, God is the Perfect Father Verse 1 Abba Father, I won't bother to rap unless You really are present and Your Presence is on the Track, Let every sentence reverence You who grew to be the entity in whom I trust and agree with He's equipped me so quickly come get the lamp for your feet, you'll need it so you won't be defeated, remember you're seated in Heavenlies, Ephesians Chapter One, you're adopted and co heirs with God's only son, and when the games done, we're destined to reign, our claim is valid only because of His Name, listen to the crowd in the cloud watching you proudly cheer loudly whatever bad happened with your dad just forget, frogs turning into princes, ribbit, adoption is no option it's your only way in, i'm not playin you can't pay Him must be born again, warn your friends Chorus Verse 2 Adoption is no option it's your only way in, I'm not playin you can't pay him must be free from sin Chorus Verse 3 There once was a boy not long ago, who had no hope and was all alone he was an orphan with no home of his own sleeping on the streets was all he had ever known one day along came a king who had no heir to the throne he looked at the boy with pity and took him home, a greater dad none could be found the boy grew up and received his own crown and that's the story of those born of the Spirit God is calling you quiet down, do you hear it? Outro

5.6.2. The Message Verse 1 God's Presence Roles of a Father Verse 2 You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book. I have been misrepresented by those who don't know me. Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. For it is I who gave you those desires. Verse 3 Story Telling

5.6.3. Beat

5.6.4. Observations I would like to put more Ephesians Chapter One in here, perhaps I can ask someone to do that for the second verse, tell them to turn that into a verse, I can ask Richie to do it. It is now 1:30PM and I have sent a message to 7 Christain rappers asking them to turn Ephesians Chapter 1 into a verse I wonder what the chorus should be... this song needs an upgraded Chorus

5.7. Agape

5.7.1. Lyrics Intro Fathers Nature - AgapeThe Bible tells us that God is love, Agape love which is unconditional and sacrificial Chorus Love lasts forever it trascends time Love is a gift and it's all mine Love is a gift and it's all yours to give is to receive it can open doors love is the answer, let fear reign no more Verse 1 What can separate us from the love of God? Nothing at all Not even a monster 100ft tall Not our past our present or our future Not height not depth not even the accuser His Love cant be taken away because we didnt earn it It was given when we least deserved it Want to know who God is and what God does? God is perfect in every single way and God loves God always is God always was His love is unconditional, sacrificial, Its official, Love is kind, patient and hard to find Face it, its worth your time And Love is good, seeks first to understand Then to be understood So like firewood in a fireplace or stars in outer space Gods love is found in Grace Love is a choice regardless of mood Encourages and is never rude Never fails, love is safe, not dangerous like rusty nails you see... Its deep like the marianas trench and Love never sits on the fence, love acts Takes you on a ride like a piggyback Love is a defender and Its tender always remembers Never forgets Love forgives and always admits its wrongs Love stays calm And doesn't throws fits Never calls it quits Love can be summed up in one word Jeeeeeesus Chorus Love lasts forever it trascends time Love is a gift and it's all mine ** Remove the Middle Part* Love is a gift and it's all yours to give is to receive it can open doors love is the answer, let fear reign no more Verse 2 love is honorable cherishes and is always there Love lets the other win, is thoughtful and always fair Love believes the best cherishes and takes delight Is intimate, submits and doesnt put up a fight Humans love with strings attached Agape love looks so different when you compare and contrast Like eating a cheeseburger versus drinking a slimfast Human love has to do with your relation to the lover Like your brother or your mother But Gods love for you is like no other He loves you matter who you are where your from What you've done, whether or not you've accepted the gift Of His only Son, check the song of solomon The church is His bride, His love lives inside It protects and it flows like rivers of living water like Lily's love did for her son Harry Potter God has the resources and motivation To love every person in every single nation Love is unconditional its there for everyone God sent His son so to love we could run See the kids looken for love at all the parties We are all on a search read the shirts of ed hardy As we get More enveloped in this romance We'll start to see love really is just a dance And with the belt of truth wrapped around our pants we'll see from God's perspective and dodge satan's traps So like our lungs need air and our cars need gas Our souls need Gods love to last Chorus Love lasts forever it trascends time Love is a gift and it's all mine ** Remove the Middle Part* Love is a gift and it's all yours to give is to receive it can open doors love is the answer, let fear reign no more Outro God loves you, and so do I me2

5.7.2. Ideas I can grab a Misty Edwards Chorus and put it in there asking for permission.

5.7.3. Observations This has all of the love stuff in it, perhaps I can mention the references

5.7.4. Beat

5.8. Abba

5.8.1. WRITTEN

5.9. Shaddai

5.9.1. Lyrics Intro El Shaddai means the All Sufficient God, it also means God Almighty, Shai translates to Who, and Dai to Enough, indicating God's complete sufficiency to nurture us, He who is enough The Word Shaddai means God Almighty, He's powerful, nourishing, and Shaddai is thought to be an acronym for the phrase Shomar Deltot Yisrael which means Guardian of the Doors of Israel, it's God Almighty Verse 1 Before the almighty i try to walk uprightly and blameless He's so good to me even when I'm brainless He's changeless perfect and nourishing, He's the only reason why I am flourishing, He's so encouraging, through Him I can do anything that He calls me to, cause He fills me with the energy to be what He wants me to be because He loves me, and God plus one is always the majority, when He corrects me obeying is my top priority because His Word has the utmost authority, and even if life bores me or when things go my way, thank You God is what I say cause I know He works all things out for good each and every day, so I preach each and every day Chorus You are God almightyKing of Heaven King of allYou are God almightyWhen i stand or when i fallYoure the same never change You areWorking all things together for my goodI will trust in You Verse 2 Does it affect Him if we're good or bad? Not really it only affects man, He's in charge, I mean look at the stars, live by His Word and you'll go far, He says if we humbly submit He'll make us more than we are, and He promises to exalt us and build us up, fill up our cup and if we fall He's pick us back up, pleasure is the measure of our treasure to take pleasure in Him, and sever sin, cause one day He'll punish the wicked, calling on Him is the ticket to Eternal Life, face it we're wrong God is right, God is strong God is light, He personifies power, He's our Refuge our Tower, who can contend with Him? Not one because He is the creator, son, His grace is sufficient in weakness, that's why we Christian seek this God above all else, it's why we look to Him for all our help, because His Word has no fallacies and in exchange for our immorality He gives us immortality, Eternal Life is something you can save on, we don't need to wait long, He is the ruler of all, don't stall, take action after you listen to the Words of Paul, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Chorus You are God almighty King of Heaven King of all You are God almighty When i stand or when i fall Youre the same never change You are Working all things together for my good I will trust in You Outro

5.9.2. Beat

5.9.3. Observations The fixed up beat is at the studio, all he gave me was the freestyle file I noticed a few lyrics are off, I can listen back to it and make the changes It is now 5PM and I have listened to El Shaddia 7x in a row and added the key lyrics I want to change and added more confessions and affirmations

5.9.4. Ideas

5.9.5. Collaborations Rheuclydon Carl Agape New Kiana Misty Edwards Catalina Character

5.10. Shalom

5.10.1. Beat

5.10.2. Lyrics Intro According to Strong's Concordance 7965 Shalom also means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. In modern Hebrew the obviously related word Shelem means to pay for, and Shulam means to be fully paid. Verse 1 God will give you peace after you make a decision to encourage you to make it happen to increase your vision the truth is that sometimes the comfort zone may attack, what needs to happen then is you don't turn back, move forward and swing the Word like a sword and continue in your path. Release your peace and force your way like the violent, repent for mistakes but keep playing the field sow your seed generously and watch what it yields, reveal the heart of God from one situation to the next, cause the peace to increase by doing your best. Peace isn't free, yet it can't be bought, the peace of God is something for which Jesus Christ fought, its life to the bones and healing to the flesh, God longs to give it yet people are vexed when the wrath is poured out because they're not covered by the blood, God has good news, he's got soap for the mud, He's continually cleaning, and he won't stop now, he's gonna keep blessings you til your friends look at you and say wow. Seek peace with your lover and your brother because peace is relaxing, Our goal is extracting the negative and replacing it with what kids embrace as a gift, a carefree attitude stuffed with gratitude get a lift, instead of a beat down Chorus Acquitted from my Crimes Police patrol the streets But not my beats or my rhymes The Prince of Peace on my mind Meet the light I reflect when I shine Verse 2 get up beat, speak with love and peace is what youll keep If you suffer for doing evil what's it to God but His mercy is everlasting even though our lives are flawed, He empowers us to live holy and above reproach it's simple and gets easier the more you boast in the Lord and in the power of His might, the more you spend time in His presence whether it's day or night Cast your cares and worries in a hurry so that things that are harry and furry don't get in the way of what truly matters, cares, anxieties and worries are like cake batter, give them all to God and He bakes the cake of peace break me off some of that kit kat bar, All this talk about New Shalom, but it's the same as always, comes straight from the throne of Yahweh, He's God forever, none better, none come close to the Heavenly the, Love that can't be exchanged, blocked or go missing, I'm constantly getting quiet and listening, then I speak what I hear, draw near and He will draw nearer, the Bible is the perfect mirror, the begin- ning of wisdom is Fear of the Lord, find a local church and get in one accord, He lives within me I'm out of the sight of the enemy, inside of the King's love God's enthroned, yesterday today tomorrow and the next, God's Will is always the best, His Sons the prince of peace, He's trust- worthy, and his loving kindness endures always compared to Him you're just a garden gnome They get their psuedo shalom from chrome, I'm on beat with the metronone because I don't do what the coach does not condone, Instead of staying up all night you can catch me asleep at home, waking up early not worldly Spending time in the Presence, temporarily a resident of America, subject to the president This isn't the Church of Rome This is the Church at Home, deep in your heart is where I play my part with words that cut sharp and touch hearts Chorus Acquitted from my Crimes Police patrol the streets But not my beats or my rhymes The Prince of Peace on my mind Meet the light I reflect when I shine Verse 3 Host and the Holy Ghost is tellin me, Im out of reach from the enemy, I'm setting the captives free, not bruising a broken reed, I'm pleading the blood He bled, I'm not sold out, I'm blood bought, I'm getting rid of your blood claught so the blood can flow He's got my cards in His hand and He won't fold, I'm getting more bold everyday, as I pursue the Peace of Christ I under- stand He is the One who leads me by the hand, I'm a mess without the Message, this life is just a test, my testimony will impress any secular phony, cause we got evidence that's empiracal I'm through with acting spiritual, I walk in power, humor, and humility, the LORD God is still filling me with the tranquility to use my mind as a utility to reject hostility and think thoughts of nobility, I'm feeling Outro And he sees me in my humility, Working on those souls He's given me Frustrations, temptations and distractions, Trusting the One who gives eternal satisfaction. Praising the one who is raising people from their sleep Six feet deep, leaving the 99 sheep to find the one, He sent His only begotten son Have you forgotten that we've already won? Christianity is done done done The world is do do do,

5.10.3. Ideas I can do some decreeing and have Rabbi Daniels shalom prayer the chorus It can be something they really can listen to when they need peace Moravian Gather

5.10.4. Observation I wrote some good lyrics on the bus in Disneyland Freestyles Recorded Integration Prayers Freestyles Freestyles

5.10.5. Freestyles CfaN

5.11. Hakkadosh

5.11.1. Lyrics Intro The Holiness of God... He's completely set apart, the only one of His kind. Verse 1 Like Oh my Gosh, Hakkadosh, He's so Holy,, He's the Boss fully Tossed sin on His Knee Broke it's back like a Power B O M B Jesus took His last breath into infinity And Cried Out, yup that's when Sin Died Outq Spirit inside of me Who can't and won't sin. The mind is the soul, the body is the flesh. The best part of being Holy is the Rest. I confess Yeshua as my Lord swinging my Sword With my shield of faith which will not yield or break withstanding and standing firm, learning to discern What to affirm handing Him each and every concern Glory Clouds, loud worship and Angel Feathers On patrol controlling the Weather Saying Storm Be Still God and I? We Chill, On E? here's a refill We've Got plenty, See Twenty Twenty like Laser Eye Surgery You've heard of the..... Light and the Murderer Right? Well I heard of the Mic and I heard it could Like, Give God's Holy Word flight, like a bird or a kite. Gifts of the Spirit, Speaking in Tongues, Administrators helping get things Done. Evangelists make getting saved Fun. Prophetic Words, man I'm due for One. Fruits of the Spirit like Kindness and Peace, Can you hear it through the lyrics and the beats We enforce God's Will like Spiritual Police, We're Victorious we never heard of Defeat But I heard of the beat, and I heard music could beat Satan to a pulp when I'm allowing God to Sculpt it, So I'm just like a preacher preaching in a pulpit My cup ranneth over, but I just gulped it. Chorus Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty Verse 2 Ready for the Sequal? You being evil know how to give good gifts to your people So how could God forbid it when you ask it. Pray for the Holy Spirit and just grasp it. Do it Before you're laying in your casket Without it it's like an Engine with no gasket Worried about sin? Hah He looks past it. Jesus has risen go find your Easter Basket The Curse says Thirst, Hunger, and toil Or gives way too much so you get spoiled The Blessing says, Rest and Receive it You're loved completely just believe it New Covenant with New Precepts, Got a New Life without any Regrets Now there's No threat of the Grave, Cause each and every debt was paid Some have have forgotten that we already won Forgot that God sent His only Begotten Son They forgot that it's over, that His name is Jehovah Rophi, He ran the race for me and gave me the trophy We're wheat growing amoung these weeds And We follow Him wherever He leads So We're Busy like bee's aiming to please the One who blesses us when we sneeze Chorus Verse 3 Outro

5.11.2. Observations I can talk with Jeremy De Leon and finish up his sites as well as get the audios from the studio It is now 12:50 I have called Jeremy De Leon and e-mailed him and left him a facebook message I need to get a chorus, Ron's wife said she would do it... It is now 4PM and I have recorded my vocals for Hakkadosh into the Reaper and finished up the missing lyrics

5.11.3. Beat

5.11.4. I have had someone else collaborate with me and add a verse I e-mailed Relentless

5.12. Elohim

5.12.1. Beat

5.12.2. Lyrics Intro This is brought to you by Pure Pressure, an Eternal Ruler, chosen by God to spread the message of His Nature through explaining what His Hebrew and Greek Biblical Names mean. The first Name, Elohim, occurs 2,570 in the Old Testament, it means Creator and Judge of the Universe. Chorus Creator and Judge Narrator and Director We're saved by the blood Author and Perfector Hate or Love Choose one of the above don't sit on the fence being lukewarm just doesn't make sense Verse 1 Chorus Creator and Judge Narrator and Director We're saved by the blood Author and Perfector Hate or Love Choose one of the above don't sit on the fence being lukewarm just doesn't make sense Verse 2 All rise the honorable judge residing Court is in session Have you been abiding Daily in His Word? Doing what He said? Or Are you a broke off branch lifeless and dead Guilty or innocent, where do you stand have you accepted the gift of the sacrificial lamb we're judged by His standards, not by ours, get right before you're pushing up flowers, by our words we will be justified or by them condemned repeating after me is what I recommend I confess Jesus is the Son of God, I don't wanna be one of the ones You turn away at the end of the Days Ancient of Days I give you my praise I wanna walk with You I wanna talk with You I wanna get to know You I want You to know Me I don't wanna be lonely, I wan't intimacy Chorus Creator and Judge Narrator and Director We're saved by the blood Author and Perfector Hate or Love Choose one of the above don't sit on the fence being lukewarm just doesn't make sense Outro if you run the human race all on your own theres no way you can win, you need Him, believe Him, then repent of sin, receive Him, begin to seek His Kingdom as soon as you start the day, don't forget to pray, and on Judgment Day, you won't be turned away,

5.13. Remember your creator whether old or young For in time the day will come when pleasure won't satisfy don't trade the truth for a lie Oh, do you not know, have you not heard? Jesus stopped by, and dropped off the Bird so now we can please Him now we can see Him can't you see? The Artistry? The beauty all around you and me Can't deny theres an artist not even if you tried your hardest He's always on call, available when you need Him He won't ever let you fall, stand tall and believe Him Get filled with the Spirit, receive Him don't grieve Him the Word is God, go ahead and read Him