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Introductions by Mind Map: Introductions
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Andrew Taylor

Created TV Commercials

Wanted to be a Potter

Acted in on Broadway

Brad Leach

Love the Yankees

Entering my 14th year teaching

My son starts Kindergarten in September

Helen Zoutis

Computer lab teacher k-6

Mother of three

went surfing last week


Own 3 motorcycles

Moving to TN next year

Have a nuerotic dog that needs therapy

Patty Buononato

opera singer

mother of 2 girls

turn 45 on Monday

Katarina Pisutova

Moved into US from Uganda

Mother of four boys

Got kicked out from a flamenco class

Jude Sillato

Aspiring SLMS

Born in Italy

Mother of twins

Kendra Parchinski

Instructional Technology 3-5

Mother of 5

Worked in advertising in NYC for 12 years

Jane Stapf

Technology Specialist

Dead Head

has 15 cats


I have eight wonderful cats!

I am an 8th grade teacher.

Was attacked by a shark!

Serge Trufanoff


father of two



play the violin

teaching for 30 years, hate snakes

Cheryl Formont



went sky diving


speak Ukrainian

Eleanor Roosevelt read me a story, speak Italian

Jackie Persons

48 years old

love the winter


Melissa Rebock

turn 63 February

hair color my own

archery teacher


i am 27 yrs old

i have a daughter

i have ms

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