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Introductions by Mind Map: Introductions
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Andrew Taylor

Created TV Commercials

Wanted to be a Potter

Acted in on Broadway

Brad Leach

Love the Yankees

Entering my 14th year teaching

My son starts Kindergarten in September

Helen Zoutis

Computer lab teacher k-6

Mother of three

went surfing last week


Own 3 motorcycles

Moving to TN next year

Have a nuerotic dog that needs therapy

Patty Buononato

opera singer

mother of 2 girls

turn 45 on Monday

Katarina Pisutova

Moved into US from Uganda

Mother of four boys

Got kicked out from a flamenco class

Jude Sillato

Aspiring SLMS

Born in Italy

Mother of twins

Kendra Parchinski

Instructional Technology 3-5

Mother of 5

Worked in advertising in NYC for 12 years

Jane Stapf

Technology Specialist

Dead Head

has 15 cats


I have eight wonderful cats!

I am an 8th grade teacher.

Was attacked by a shark!

Serge Trufanoff


father of two



play the violin

Cheryl Formont



went sky diving


speak Ukrainian

Jackie Persons

48 years old

love the winter


Melissa Rebock

turn 63 February

hair color my own

archery teacher


i am 27 yrs old

i have a daughter

i have ms

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