Fire 2030 - Building a Resilient Organization

Fire 2030 - Building a Resilient Organization

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Fire 2030 - Building a Resilient Organization by Mind Map: Fire 2030 - Building a Resilient Organization

1. Broaden scope of services

1.1. Community Paramedicine

1.1.1. In-home medical monitoring/follow-up CCF UH Metro Health

2. Focus on employee wellness

2.1. Bi-annual physicals

2.2. Cancer prevention screening

2.3. Work environment optimization

2.4. Mental health first aid and prevention

2.5. Pursue supplemental funding from insurance providers

2.6. Formalize fitness training

2.6.1. Pay incentive for demonstrating meeting standards

2.6.2. Certified trainers

3. Agency integration


3.1.1. New career pathways Paramedic to FireMedic Call-Taker to EMT EMT to Paramedic

4. Employee acquisition programs

4.1. Veteran recruitment

4.2. Collegiate athlete recruitment

4.3. High school recruitment

4.4. EMT career pathway

5. Leadership Academy

5.1. New promotional process

5.2. Partner with secondary educational institution

5.3. State certification of Officers

6. Facility Capitalization

6.1. 20 year strategic replacement/update plan

6.2. Community hub of services

6.3. Community broadband access point/hub

7. Technology Integration

7.1. Strategic replacement plan for all hardware

7.1.1. Develope alternative funding sources Insurance providers Cleveland Foundation Medical institutions

7.2. 10 year resiliency plan

7.2.1. Vertically integrate software platforms for crossflow and universal access

7.2.2. Insulate data flows from hostile intrusion

7.2.3. Build stand-alone redundancies for failover operations

7.2.4. Secure funding streams outside of city's general fund budget

7.3. Virtual patient care portal

7.4. Automate billing systems with businesses and insurance providers

8. Partner with regional agencies for county-wide operations

8.1. Mutual Aid

8.2. Expand Paramedicine program to county

8.3. Offer regional training opportunities

8.4. Strengthen specialized rescue capability