EntreLeadership by David Ramsey - DISC - NLP

EntreLeadership David Ramsey DISC Assessment - Dominance, Influence, Steady, and Compliant - Buy the book EntreLeadership by David Ramsey

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EntreLeadership by David Ramsey - DISC - NLP by Mind Map: EntreLeadership by David Ramsey - DISC - NLP

1. Dominance

1.1. Dominance, lion, the roar, act fast, ask when, overlook details, get things done, make quick decisions, 10% of population

2. Influencer

2.1. Influencer - people oriented, out going, expressive, persuasive, fun, fast desision, impulsive, the otter, 25% population

3. Steady

3.1. Steady loyal, stable, dislike/detest conflict, love people, concerned about everyones feelings, golden retriever, slow desision making, ask why, don't want to hurt people, avoid conflict, great friend, 40% of population

4. Compliant

4.1. Compliant, analytical, factual, loves rules, follows rules, rigid, slow desision making, facts and details, asking how, non people oriented, beaver, accountant, 20% of the population

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