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Academic Branding in Saudi Arabia by Mind Map: Academic Branding in Saudi Arabia
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Academic Branding in Saudi Arabia


Key Difference of Saudi Higher Education Institutions

Most of the Saudi universities are public & free.

List of universities

However, universities should think and function in a business model




Key Principles



Name Recognition



What should be done?


Integrated Marketing

Positioning Statement

Documented Brand Strategy

Strategic Brand Audit

Integrated Marketing Communication Channels

Two Schools: Brand Management vs Brand Leadership

Brand Management

Brand Leadership

Stamats Brand Report Card

1. The president, senior administrators and faculty understand and agree on the role and function of branding at the institution

2. The institution demonstrates its commitment to building brand equity with a sufficient allocatino of time, talent and dollars

3. The most important target audiences and competitors have been clearly identified

4. Your most import external audiences find your brand promise relevant and demonstrate their commitment to your brand promise

5. Internal stakeholders understand and care about the brand promise

6. You consistently deliver on your brand promise

7. Your price is competitive and consistent with public perception of what people think you are worth. People believe you are a good value.

8. Your brand promise properly positions you for the future

9. Your brand image is consistent and distinctive and supports messages that are relevant, remembered and repeated

10. You consistently measure whether or not you are increasing brand equity

Implications of Branding

University should live up to its brand

The brand has the power to change the behavior of internal stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, alumni)